All prejudice, bias and racism must be strongly condemned by all, especially church leaders of every race, as well as other crimes connected with this. It appears from the video that went viral that George Floyd was a victim of this! My heart goes out to the family of George Floyd and the community in Minneapolis that experienced this needless criminal abuse. All church leaders and Christians need to pray for salvation for all involved as the heart of God will only stop these types of horrendous actions. Also as we all pray for justice we must all pray for peace without taking violent criminal actions attacking other innocent people and businesses in reprisal. It appears as we watched the mayor and even the President weigh in on this again needless tragedy. Not only were these four policemen fired from their jobs but their arrests and prosecution will happen. Pray for all involved as everyone has families that will be affected and possibly destroyed. Praying for love, healing, blessings, justice and peace to prevail. Rev Dr Jonathan Hansen.