I am greatly concerned over the lack of discernment in the church today.

1. How do people justify voting for a person or party that supports killing babies, is against Bible believing Christians and Israel. They are against the morality of the scriptures as they back LGBTQ etc, and the other candidate supports Israel and the values and morality of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America. One party is openly socialistic now supporting communistic beliefs and wants to remove and destroy the constitution of the United States of America and lead us all into the world order.

2. My background is law enforcement. Investigating felony crime, member of the swat team and president of the fellowship of Christian peace officers. I have talked with politicians, law-enforcement officers, attorneys that fight in the Supreme Court, people in positions of authority in Washington DC, and this is a planned coup in progress to steal the election from the people and put in a candidate that would move us into the New World order. look at my YouTube channel Warning TV Dr Jonathan Hansen as I have done many programs on what is really going on in America.

3. I am very concerned with both leaders that have voted for Biden and those that have openly said they're not concerned as much with the election as with people's false prophecies.

4. There is no doubt, none whatsoever, this so far is an attempt to steal an election. If the election was done legally and fairly Donald Trump would have won the electoral vote overwhelmingly in a landslide. I shared tongue-in-cheek that Donald Trump would win decisively, meaning in an electoral count as that is what wins the presidency in America but we need to intercede intercessors like never before or the election would be stolen. I named some of the agencies and forces of corrupt people trying to overthrow the republic of the United States of America and Donald Trump in this election process.

5. No the Prophets in this case did not get it wrong. At times some do speak out of their opinion and theology but in this case they got it correct.

6. If some of you want to prematurely judge these prophets you better be open for your own theology and eschatology beliefs, that a lot ministers and apostles and prophets etc think are wrong also.

7. If you're not concerned over these election results in America, that will determine the freedoms of the people in United States of America and the church and Christians in particular, I don't believe you're a qualified leader with discernment, rightly dividing the word of God, to properly lead the church. God help each of us to judge ourselves and our beliefs more than attacking one another at this time.