I awoke from a dream at approx 2:06am on January 5, 2022.  I usually get up and document the dream but decided to close my eyes and see if I could continue with the revelation that God  was giving me.  I went back to sleep dreaming again and awoke at 4:48am.  While in the dream I saw Christmas Trees who were Christians crowded into a corral; a fence just standing, waiting not moving. 

The Trees represented people who had lost their freedoms, being rounded up and put in such tight quarters they couldn’t move.  The Trees/Christians were just waiting to be cut down; executed and sacrificed on the altar of Baal meaning paganism and communism.  The Lord said these were Christians who had compromised with the world including their pagan customs. These believers were no longer able to influence society into righteousness but they have  become influenced by society; the pagan; the heathen. 

I understood this to be a warning that unless Christians become true salt and light; true ambassadors representing the values of God and resisting sins of abomination that have become law as well as resisting the constant erosion of our freedoms by evil leaders, Christians will be persecuted and many killed. 


Christians are being sacrificed on the altar of Baal; where pure paganism/hedonism is ruling their lives because they commit or condone these damnable sins such as abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication, adultery, co-habitation etc.  They also accept a communistic influence and philosophy being promoted in our public schools, universities, news media, television, radio and movies, political leaders etc. These lukewarm churches failure to resist these teachings and influences are directly leading to the takeover and toppling of America, due to these Christians who continue watching these television programs and movies that promote and/or to tolerate alternate lifestyles, abortion, unconstitutional laws and policies, one world citizenship, anti-Judeo Christian morality; the hating of America and our history etc.  Christians should be actively and aggressively resisting them as Dietrich Bonheoffer did in Germany against Hitler and the Nazis and Watchman Nee did in China against communism and the Black Robe Brigade did in America fighting the British in the American Revolution, to give America its freedom of religion to serve Jesus Christ.

 America needs another Great Awakening which only Christians can lead or we are going to be destroyed as a nation under God.  Civil Unrest is present and civil war and an invasion are on the immediate horizon.  The churches and denominations need to get back to their roots where the great men and women filled with the word and the spirit formed and led them.  The power of the Holy Spirit were a constant part of their lives as they were truly in love with Jesus more than their families, friends, jobs, hobbies etc.  For this reason they moved with Great Anointing whereas most believers today just move with Bible stories with no testimonies to share and their lives are filled with wasted years as they use their time in hedonism/self entertaining pleasure where the gladiator sports of baseball, football, basketball, etc., continue to occupy their minds instead of God.

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