In 1985, after repenting of hatred and unforgiveness toward a man, I received my first night time vision.  It took me five years to repent and forgive because of my pride.  I saw myself traveling the nations and meeting with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governments as well as speaking to the masses.  I saw Apocalyptic events and death lines.  I saw the heart of God and it was broken.  I asked God why His heart was broken and He said "because my bride is in love with the world more than me."  I asked God why and He said "because of the Pastors behind the pulpit are more in love with the world then they are in love with me."  I came out of the dream sweating and started resigning from my job responsibilities on the Sheriff's Department, Pastoral responsibilities and selling my businesses so I could travel the nations giving the warning message to the Church of the second coming of Jesus Christ and they were not ready to meet Jesus.  It was and is a John the Baptist, Elijah type of Warning ministry of repentance and now following the Lord with all your heart.

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