On Tuesday morning, at a minute past midnight, June 27, 1995, the true God gave me a word of Knowledge for the people living in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This is the supernatural revelation from the Holy Spirit:
"For you seek to purify yourselves with sacrifices that I did not ask for. You bow to a god that I do not know. You worship a creature I did not make and whose creator I did not make. Your black robes represent the sins of your heart. Your white robes represent the imitation of holiness, and your red robes represent the blood that will be shed to cause you to see. For I am a holy God, a jealous God. My name is Jesus who you crucify. My name is above all other names and all other gods. I take second place to no one and no liar! Your prayers I do not hear. Your sacrifices I do not see, but my wrath you will see and know I Am, thus saith the Lord!"

People of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: for you to know that Jesus Christ is the only living God, the following will happen: "A Giant Earthquake will hit Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, so you will know I am the REAL GOD!"

At fourteen minutes past midnight the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the Living God, and they are one, said this to his servant concerning the people of Dar Es Salaam:

"Depart from me ye doers of iniquity for I am coming with a sword, with pestilence and famine and you will know that I live!"

This second prophecy given within minutes of the other is yet another attempt in God's loving kindness and tender mercy to draw people out of their self-induced deception. This spirit of deception that the majority of the people of Dar Es Salaam and all Tanzania suffer from, is brought on by their own hard selfish hearts. They, out of their pride, have rejected the truth of the living God, and now having a reprobate mind, are turned over to seducing spirits. Because of this, you worship false gods and idols, but primarily you worship and serve yourselves. You are lovers of self, lovers of money, and now you compromise your faith to acquire more filthy lucre (money); it will never satisfy your endless appetite.

People of Dar Es Salaam, no matter what religion you call yourselves, many of you are not serious in your faith. Even many - many of you who call yourselves Christians are not really followers of Jesus Christ. You just have the knowledge and teachings of the Holy Scriptures through the Bible, but you do not follow them. They are not in your heart as part of your being. The Holy Spirit does not live in or guide you. You have rejected the truths of God as Eve, Adam, Cain, Lucifer and others did. Thus, you are in reality living in rebellion and must repent and become a genuine servant of Jesus Christ - not a hypocrite.

People of Dar Es Salaam and all of Tanzania, please get a Bible and turn to these Scriptures. You will read how the Holy Spirit is showing and explaining to you what you are doing, where you fell into error, and the deception of lying spirits (fallen angels). God the Holy Spirit is calling you. If you read these passages with a sincere desire to know the truth, it will be revealed by God the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 66:16-17 tells what some of you are doing to be accepted by God, but he rejects it. Romans 1:20-25 tells where and how false gods are created and worshipped. You will also want to read these Scriptures with a desire to know the truth: I John 4:1-21I John 5:1-21,
2 John 1:6-11Galatians 1:6-9 and Jeremiah 29:30-32.


Jesus is saying, "Return to me with your whole heart, soul and mind and I will forgive and heal your land."

People of Dar Es Salaam and all of Tanzania, do not think what is about to come upon you from the Lord is cruel. NO! It is merciful. God is trying to awaken your eyes to the spiritual deceptions that you are in and under. Your physical life is not of great importance. Your eternal soul is what matters most. Come back to the Lord God, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; for he loves you with an everlasting love up until judgment day after his return. Then, mercy, grace and love will no longer be extended upon those who have rejected him and the truth of God revealed through the Bible, the Holy Word. Eternal and final Judgment will follow.