On September 21, 1995 at 0500hrs., the Creator of the heavens and earth gave these warnings to the people of Taiwan:

"Taiwan, Taiwan, a land of pride and arrogance; for you have flaunted yourself before the world; you have flaunted yourself before the nations. Sit up and take notice! All will come to naught. Your might, power and stability will crumble as a man once strong and young, but now aging and old. You have believed in all things, in yourselves, but not in me. I will show you by fire, and hail, and the storm, that I am alive.

Look to me now; turn your eyes on me now, while yet there is time and you are still free. For I am coming with a sword, and drought, and pestilence; and the once proud children of Asia will become beggars. Their might and power will be removed before their eyes. They will know that I live. In your servanthood look to me, remember who I am. I have begotten you and loved you with an everlasting love and yet now do I love you even more. I am committed to forgiving you even more if only you will call on me while there is still time. For a time is yet coming that I can no longer call to you, send my servants, my spirit, my word to you, but you will be judged and damned forever, thus saith the Lord of Hosts."

© 1995 World Ministries International