On November 28, 1995 between 2100 and 2119hrs., Rev. Jonathan Hansen, a prophet of the Lord, received the following message for the people of Korea:

"Korea, Korea, A land of pride and arrogance; you have flaunted yourselves before one another; you have flaunted yourselves before humanity. Do not take the glory unto yourselves, for you have been blessed with my grace -- my grace, not your own. Your thoughts have grown inward thinking; your achievement politically, religiously and economically is self-potential, but I want you to know they are from me. I gave you time to become filled with self-righteousness and self-achievement, but you have forgotten to look to me and give me proper credit and recognition. The glory is mine. For I AM has allowed you to prosper. You could have just as easily perished into oblivion, but I have thus far spared you from yourselves.

Look to me, look to me now while you still can; for I am coming with a sword of righteousness to cut the proud, the high and mighty down to earth again. From your lofty height that you have placed yourselves, you think you can teach the world something; but I want you to know that I will teach you humility and grace. You have begun to see me shake your place, but as yet you do not recognize that I am responsible for your troubles. Look to me now, quickly before you come crashing to earth. The humble shall be exalted and the proud shall I abase, thus saith the Lord your God who created thee and causeth you to prosper, who now will take away unless you call upon my name. Jesus is my name. Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures who you daily crucify and abase with your continual self-righteousness and self-reliance. Call upon me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I will reveal myself to you as you earnestly seek and desire after me as you have desired after your own glory and strength."

God uses Rev. Hansen in the interpretation of visions and dreams as well as prophecy. The interpretation of this prophecy from the Creator is this:

God is telling the people of Korea, including those who call themselves Christians, that they have become independent, proud and even arrogant. He continues that the people of Korea, from the politician, to the cleric, to the ordinary citizen, have come to believe that their achievements are from their own efforts. But, the Lord God Almighty, the one and only God, manifested through his Son Jesus Christ, is warning the people of Korea that he has given them the time, ability and mercy to prosper and even survive. People need to immediately repent of their self-righteousness (pride in themselves) and become gracious, polite and meek people again. For God's mighty hand will stretch across Korea and start to humble politicians, clergymen, businessmen and society itself until they start to realize they are not so mighty, but ordinary citizens of earth. The accomplishments that you like to show off to the world will start to come down: the politician will be shamed; the military will fail; the infrastructure will start to collapse; the economy will falter. Both church and pastor, who have become repugnant in God's sight for their arrogance and misuse of the glory and name of the Lord, will fall. Note: This is not saying every church and pastor, but those that are supposed to be part of the elect, the true believers who are guilty of self-exaltation, God will chasten.

The message/warning is clear and simple: Earnestly, seriously, and immediately allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and determine to genuinely repent before God and man of the sin of arrogance; wait at length before the Lord under your own choice now; repent before God of all that the Holy Spirit reveals to you, or you will be forced to wait upon the Lord later and repent after the shame has occurred. Those servants of the Lord that are innocent need to pray as never before for your fellow servants. Pray for those that the Spirit of God has already placed a burden on concerning their various sins and follow the Word and the Spirit in ministering to them.

After a time of purification, the innocent servants need to preach this message from the Lord to the people throughout Korea. Let us all be faithful to what the Spirit and Word are saying!

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