At 0544hrs. on the 7th of May, 1996, the following message was given from the Lord for the people of Madagascar:

"Malagasy, Malagasy , a land of palm trees and pleasure. Your people have ignored the living God. They have turned to idols made by hand and flesh; always seeking pleasure at any cost. You have been influenced by France; a country and people who reject the living God; a proud immoral nation whose self-righteousness makes me vomit; a people who believes in the power of the mind, living an independent immoral lifestyle.

They have come to you and taken your women, having sex with them in the name of love. But, in reality that is not love at all. It is lust at its most beastly immoral kind. Where animals have sex to reproduce, they have sex for pleasure - selfish pleasure; where their money buys human flesh, and when they are tired of the human meat, they tell the woman, who is no more than an object of use, to go.

Malagasy, your people are polluted with the love of self. They do not care what others think or feel. They care only for themselves. You have lost your humanness, your compassion, your understanding, which makes you different from the animals. Instead you have turned into animals yourselves, where only your brain sets you apart from them with intelligence, but not behavior. In fact, in behavior you are worse because you want and crave more than you need.

You have become a selfish people, a crude people, a rude people, smiling on the outside, but cold as a snake on the inside that can strike at the heart if you do not get your own way. Pastors and priests mixing the Holy Scriptures with other rudiments and doctrines producing a gospel of greed, gluttony and immorality. Pastor and priest indulging in the cares of this world; indulging in sexual immorality, drunkenness and business ventures; using the church to enhance their personal position in society, but caring little for the people of the land.

Because Christians are no longer pure and holy, strong as salt to preserve and protect the nation - the nation is falling apart. Poverty is rampant; even though wealth abounds for all, only the very few have it.

People of Madagascar, I want you to know there is only One Hope. Turn to me in the word of God - the Bible. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, your soul and your mind. Love you neighbor as yourself and you shall be saved. Until you do this, your country will continue to fall economically; and I will cause the weather and the ocean to turn against you until you at last realize you cannot solve these problems. Your only hope is serving Jesus Christ and him alone."


Read Romans 1:19-32, II Thessalonians 2:3, II Timothy 3:1-17, the book of Revelation, and Galatians 1:6-9.

In the Bible, God warns that the problems of the world today; poverty, hunger fighting, cheating, immorality, adultery, homosexuality and wars etc., are the result of selfish man rejecting the truths of Scriptures; as Adam and Eve listened to the lies and temptations of Satan and rebelled against the word and warnings of God. Adam and Eve went directly against God's instructions as people do today, creating a society of rebellious people who care only for themselves. Jesus is returning, as he did in the beginning, to remove the rebels, as he did with Adam and Eve: so the world can live in peace once again and all can abound with plenty, wanting nothing. Jesus is coming back: repent and prepare to meet and live with him!

This prophecy was recorded in May, 1996 and conveyed to church leaders at that time.

© 1996 World Ministries International