On Saturday November 15, 1997 I received the following word from the Lord for Zambian President Frederick Chiluba:

"Chiluba, Chiluba do not be discouraged nor downhearted. They have attacked you, framed you and tried to destroy and remove you because you have stood up for me. I see and I understand. Draw nigh unto me and do not compromise. I am a jealous and holy God and I will not share my glory, presence nor title with nobody else. My name is Jesus. Continue to stand fast and testify proudly of me though you are cursed and hated among other African Leaders and Presidents. I will be with you and give you wisdom and a way to escape all your enemies if only you cling to me with tears, prayers, fasting and meekness. Repent of your weaknesses and come unto me for forgiveness and strength and I will give you peace. Be pure and holy for I am and no man will live eternally with me unless so he become. Do not be tempted to sin with a strange woman who is not your wife for so goes your soul but cling only unto my Scriptures which will judge you. Trouble is coming upon Zambia because of the great witchcraft that is practiced there through the people, leaders and many who call themselves by my name but I will see you through all forms of attacks, calamities, with my wisdom if you continue to stay close to me and be ye holy. If not you will fall as fast as the arrow falls from the sky after being shot and you will know that I respect no man only the faithful."

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