To the Cabinet and Nation:

At 1055hrs., on March 13, 1998, the Lord spoke to his servant Jonathan Hansen, and told him to record and speak the following:

"Gentlemen of Rwanda, some of you are not gentlemen or honorable, but some are liars or thieves.

Some are sleeping with other women who are not your wives. God calls that adultery and you, a rebel.

Rwanda has but one hope and that is for the leaders of the land to turn to the living God ground through Jesus Christ.

Unless you do this, there is no hope for this nation.

The blood of the innocent cry from the ground for justice; the cry of the guilty cry from the ground for revenge!

There must be blood of Jesus Christ that can answer their demands and settle the debt.

There must be a fresh start for the people of Rwanda.

Only a genuine forgiveness can heal the land and that is only possible through a spiritual rebirth.

Let your spirit touch the Holy Spirit and let the healing begin in RWANDA!"

© 1998 World Ministries International