I sent faxes to His Excellency Frederick Chiluba, Republic of Zambia, three separate times dated, March 29, 1998, June 24, 1998 and July 04, 1998 urging him to meet with me privately. The faxes read:

His Excellency
President Frederick Chiluba
Republic of Zambia

Dear Sir,

I travel to countries where God has given me a Word for the Nation and/or Church/Political Leadership within the Nation.

On 15 November 1997, God gave me a Revelation concerning your Presidency. The Lord told me that you have been attacked, framed by people trying to destroy you. Even other African Presidents that are against you. The Word warns of trouble coming upon Zambia because of the great witchcraft practiced throughout the land. How you will personally be attacked!

I would like to fly to Zambia and meet with you privately to read word for word what God has told me for you. Will you tell me when a good time and date is for you and I will try and arrange my calendar. Would the 4th or 5th of August, 98 be good for you?

I need to meet with you privately and quickly the Spirit of God is saying as some of what I need to share with you is personal.

My fax in America is 425-814-4703. Enclosed is a one page overview of World Ministries International.

God bless you sir,

Rev. Jonathan Hansen
World Ministries International

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On July 17, 1998 after sending three faxes urgently trying to meet with President Chiluba, I received the following reply from State House, Lusaka, Republic of Zamiba, D/Minister-Christian/Religious Affairs thanking me for my concern but declining my request to personally meet with the President. Consequently, sadly, all that God had warned about came to pass!

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