At 0652hrs., August 18, 1998, Rev. Jonathan Hansen received this prophecy:
"Ghana, Ghana, land of dirt and hills; you have boasted to the world of your leadership, of your prowess; but I tell you that all your ideas of leadership will come to naught.

You have plotted against me the most High God -- you and your leadership. Both in the church, in the business community and in the international community, your leaders are vain, corrupt and amoral. Appearing to be holy, they pollute my Church and they pollute my world. They lead others into sin: sin of murder, sin of power, sin of lust -- lust for the things that are in darkness because the church and the nations are following the ways of Baal. They are following another god in my name. Appearing to be holy, they are really evil, corrupt and sinful. They are cursed with a curse for the sins of blasphemy that are being committed in my name.

For this reason the land shall become desolate, forsaken and forgotten: Drought, and famine, and pestilence shall sweep Ghana. Floods will also sweep Ghana bringing further destruction; and when you cry out to me, I will not hear your cry because you cry in hypocrisy, wanting only to return to a normal life of self-leadership to use my people once again; and to use the world in my name as you promote your new world religion of destruction.

Ghana, Ghana, your leaders both in the church and in the world are serving themselves in the name of God -- the only true God, who they try and make others believe they are serving.

But I will expose your leaders both in the church and in the world. They will weep and cry as I reveal myself to them and the world, and expose their iniquities that are many.

People of Ghana do not lose heart; call on the only God, Jesus Christ, who alone can serve and deliver you from what I am about to bring on the nation and the world, starting with the church for the sins of idolatry and adultery.

Do not look to your church for the answers; look to me, Jesus Christ, revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Find a Protestant King James Bible and devour it; for in it you will find deliverance, direction, protection and salvation."

© 1998 World Ministries International