At 0930hrs. on Thursday, November 4, 1999, Prophet Hansen received the following prophecy from the Lord:

"Norway, oh, Norway, a land of independent thinkers, a land of fighters. Why do you fight against me, the Living God - the God of all gods? You have made gods of yourselves, independent and free; yet you are blind, naked and hungry - hungry for truth, which your people no longer have. You have turned to the wisdom of your forefathers who worshiped the pagan gods of wood, water and the forest, gods of the sun and moon and stars, of man's vain imaginations. You have made yourself your own god, lord and master. But I warn you! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who you curse, will curse you. Since you fight against me, I now will fight against you.

Your gods, sorcerers, witches and magicians will not be able to save you from what I am allowing to come upon your nations, lands, water and oceans."

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