At 0943hrs., on Saturday, November 6, 1999, Prophet Hansen received the following prophecy from the Lord:

"Russia, oh Russia...Oh how I have longed to love you as a bear loves her young; to protect you, and feed, and guide you, and bless you. Yet, all I can do is blind you and curse you, for you have rejected me and my people, and now I am preparing to totally reject you as a nation. I will curse you with plagues, disease, death. The death angels will be released against you for you have tormented me with your ever-babbling nonsense and merciless torture of my people.

Prepare Russia, for the end is near. For your name will no longer be known amongst the nations as a mighty warrior, but as a defeated, humiliated and hated foe. You have cursed me and my people. Now my anger will take revenge for my name's sake and for the blood of my people that you have slaughtered.

Oh, Church in Russia, come out of her and her sins of adultery and be covered with my blood, or let the blood of my saints damn you, judge you and destroy you. For my mercy and grace have reached their limits and judgment is falling., thus saith the Lord God Jesus Christ who you are now in battle against."

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