On Thursday, November 11, 1999, the Lord gave the following word to Prophet Jonathan Hansen regarding Germany at 0755hrs.-0808hrs.:

"Germany, oh Germany, a proud and arrogant people; a people of pomp and ceremony; a people of strife and trivia. Why have you persecuted me? Why have you persecuted my people? The blood of the saints cries out for justice; they cry out for blood; they cry out for judgment.

You have said in your heart, 'We will arise and be as the gods, most high and risen up in glory and self-deception.' Yet, you are blinded by the father of all lies; by the very breath which you have spoken such blasphemies, heresies, deception and murder. For you have persecuted my holy people who you cursed and killed, and now I the Lord will take vengeance. You will die by the sword, by the plague and by the pestilence. Your hair will fall out, your teeth will crack and I will expose the darkness that is in your hearts. For I am the Lord God; my name is Jehovah Jireh, Jesus Christ, and I change not. You have declared war by your tongue; you have declared war by your mouth. I now declare war against you with my tongue, and with my mouth, and with my breath, and with my hand; and many, many, many of you will die and there will not be enough to bury the dead, for I have declared it. I have declared it and it is done!

Repent today while you still have breath. Repent today while you still have the will, for I will finally turn your hearts away from me as I turned Pharaoh of Egypt; and you will die by my hand for your vanity, pride and rejection of my Word, when the time of grace and mercy and patience were still available. A time to live, a time to die, a time to repent and a time to be judged! Thus says the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who you persecute."

The word of the Lord continued at 0809hrs.-0814hrs.:
"The gods of the flesh are still the spirits that rule and reign over your land. You must reject them, rebuke them and drive them away to receive peace. The time to do it is now, while I still will to help you. Come against the pagan gods of the church now, of the land now, or I will curse you with the gods of the whore you serve; and all of you will be judged and punished with my mighty hand and breath, for I am breathing now on the land, first to awake and forgive, then to curse, judge and damn."

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