On Saturday, November 13, 1999, at 0820hrs., the Lord gave the following word to Prophet Jonathan Hansen regarding the Philippines:

"Philippines, oh Philippines, why have you rejected me so mightily. Why have you fought me and my people?

You believe you have God. You believe you serve God, but what you have is a form of God - a religion that takes the place of Jesus Christ, and comes in his name. Christianity is not bringing idols into the church and neither is it bringing sorcery and the religions and spirits of the indigenous people into the church. A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, taught from the true Bible and obeying it, not the teachings of some of your pastors and priests that extort the teachings of Scriptures for manipulation and control of the people. Look to me, Jesus Christ, and I will set you free! Your religions are not going to help you, but they will control, use and finally damn you as I judge the spirits behind them and the whore. Come out of the polluted church, my people, to me with your whole heart. There are good churches and pastors. Look for them, find them and serve me. I will call many of you to also start the churches that are dedicated to serve me instead of the belly of the pastor or priest that fight me by controlling, manipulating, and raping my people.

Revolution is not the answer. War is not the answer. Fighting is not the answer.

The answer is found in me and me alone. The economies of the world are about to crash, and World War III will happen suddenly with nuclear attack on the United States, etc.

Turn to me NOW, not your government or economy, and get under my blood so the angels of destruction, plagues, disease and death pass over you."

At 0912hrs. the prophecy continued:

"There will be a devastating earthquake as a sign of my prophet's message is from me, Jesus Christ, and then comes devastation unsurpassed in your history.

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