On November 29, 1999 at 0449hrs., the Lord gave Rev. Hansen the following Word to China:

"China, oh China, you deceiving tiger -- the land of blood; blood that you shed of innocent people to control, use and conquer my people. Yes, my people. People do not belong to the state, they belong to me. You have raped, pilfered and plundered my people, my children for your personal glory, pride and vanity; but the time is coming when I, the Lord Almighty, who you despise, will attack you. You have killed my children by the millions and my wrath is reaching its boiling stage, and then it will spill over and scorch you as a plague brings death, diseases and destruction; so I will send my angels of wrath to bring death, diseases and destruction upon you.

Yes, you still have a little time to watch your enemies be conquered by my wrath, but as surely as the sun rises up out of the east, so my wrath will rise over you. Russia and the United States of America will fall first as my cup of their iniquities is filled and now is spilling over upon them, but your time is drawing near. You have slaughtered my people, my babies, by the millions, and you still do; and I will slaughter you by the untold millions. Death, diseases, famine and pestilence are coming even now. I am arranging to unleash it as you are arranging to unleash the dragon upon your enemies. The dragon spirit that leads China I will curse till I chase that destructive, lying, deceiving, killing, murderous spirit from my land.

Yes, China is my land and I am giving you warning that I will reclaim it after I purge your sins off the face of the earth. Prepare to be toothless, you dragon tiger, as I remove your weapons of war in due seasons and judge the spirit and the dragon ruling China. The time of the reaper is coming when I reap judgments upon you for the shedding of the blood of the multitudes throughout China. Call upon me while you still can, for only my blood covering over your sins will save you and protect you as I send the Angel of Blood to destroy your land and turn the rivers of China, and ocean of China, and streams in China, into blood. Is it not written in your journals that only blood can cleanse the land? So now, let your own records so condemn you as I keep account of your journals and now get ready to send them back upon you. Yes, the reaper is coming."

© 1999 World Ministries International