Rev. Jonathan Hansen and team were in New Orleans April 1 through April 10, 2000 for city-wide meetings. The billing for the meetings was "Sounding the Alarm to the Nations 2000 New Orleans", Prophet Hansen, who also acts as an Apostolic Advisor to many pastors throughout the world, as well as some in New Orleans, challenged the local church to truly be the Bride of Christ instead of being competitive businesses.

Rev. Hansen loves the local church but abhors sin in any church, whether it is the person, the underground church, a home church or the local organized churches. Prophet Hansen came against sin in the Pharisees (pastors) where they try to control the local church by twisting the Word of God in order to control the people and acquire their money to build their own little vanity kingdoms. He told the Bride of Christ that "it is time for a reformation where Jesus takes back the leadership of His church which has been usurped by many pastors." He challenged the pastors and the people to come against sin and work for the Kingdom of God and for the Bride of Christ. He thanked the pastors who attended and supported the meetings and asked God to bless them and their ministries as they continue to promote the Kingdom of God without prejudice.

Prophet Hansen exhorted the pastors and the people to come against the religious and immoral spirit of Mardi Gras. He encouraged pastors and churches to take back the morality of the city by "Sounding the Alarm" against sin and its consequences. Prophet Hansen declared that if a pastor was not willing to come against the spirit of Mardi Gras, homosexuality, and abortion, then that particular pastor needed to resign and let a man of faith lead the church back to God. Prophet Hansen called New Orleans a modern day "Sodom and Gomorrah", which was destroyed for the same sins that New Orleans condones and promotes of sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, and a spirit of Mardi Gras (one continual immoral party with laid back mentality; even wanting to rape the angels.)

Note: Rev. Hansen went to New Orleans three times prior to Katrina, warning of impending judgment, driving across the dikes mentioning that they could break. When President Bush stated that New Orleans was going to be rebuilt, Dr. Hansen said that the Lord said, "if New Orleans is rebuilt, I will destroy it again."

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