On May 10 2000, the Lord gave the following word to Prophet Hansen:

"Finland, Finland a land of beauty and might; you are one of the more beautiful countries that I made, yet, you are so far from me in true knowledge and relationship. You do not know me personally as I made you to do, but you only have heard about me in song, dance and ritual. You have been deceived, lied to by pastor and priest, and now you blame me for your follies.

I, the Lord God, Jehovah Jireh your provider, will never fail you, but you have turned your back on me: You have failed me through your idolatry; you have put yourselves ahead of me in your thoughts, deeds and words; you have blasphemed my holy name through your traditions and folklore, yet I have never turned my back completely on you. You are a nation of might, meaning a nation of stubbornness, yet, it is not all bad. To be stubborn for truth is good, but to be stubborn for ignorance is folly and pride. Yes, you are a proud and arrogant people, self-righteous in some of your ways, yet full of compulsion. Turn to me with your whole heart and I will forgive you and heal your land: continue to deny me; to fight against me and my ways, and people; and I will surely damn you. You are a mighty people who have fought evil in a number of ways in the past. Through war, religion and medicine you have conquered many enemies, yet you did not find me as a people, as a nation. I, the Lord God, am coming with a sword, with famine and with pestilence. Turn to me with your whole heart, mind and soul, and I will be your Protector. Reject and deny me as your only God through Jesus Christ, and I will deny you. Do not conform to the world, but be transformed with the renewal of your minds.

I am coming back to judge, to separate, and to destroy. Draw close to me now while there is still time: for fire is coming, and famine, and pestilence. Earthquakes and heartaches will intensify until none can deny the Lord is speaking and hell and judgment is knocking at the door. Russia will be destroyed as a power with fire and brimstone, and you along with it for its many sins, killings and blasphemies. So turn away now from your prejudice, and pride, and self-reliance -- self-reliance built on compromise and friendships with the world's leaders, nations and follies. As they have broken their backs trying to please the gods of this world, so you are breaking your back trying to comply with their wishes, which will only intensify and terminate your sovereignty as a free people and nation. Now is the time to call upon me with all your heart; for the time is fast closing when you will call and I will not answer, as a season for all things come to a close and the new millennium which I will start draws near."

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