On March 5, 2003 at 6:44am, Rev. Jonathan Hansen received the following Word for Sierra Leone:

"Sierra Leone, a land of blood-thirsty murderers. Many of you have called yourselves Christians, yet you allowed your self to be led captive by a spirit of murder, a spirit of hate and revenge. The land, the nation is under a curse. The blood cries out from the ground for justice. Only the blood of Jesus Christ accepted and applied over the people of Sierra Leone can slowly eliminate the spirit of death that controls Sierra Leone - to loose its grip, to loose its power and control.

Do not think you will prosper under the directives of other nations, who themselves are under the curse for defying and rebelling against the only God - Jesus Christ. Call unto Me your only hope! For the nations you are forming relationships with will themselves come under the justice of almighty God, and they themselves will see sudden death as a flood from a dam that was blown apart, so their words will have no salvation in them. You will have no lasting peace by listening to their words and accepting their leadership. You will only see death unleashed in a nuclear flood that will rock the world, which puts its faith in the Beast Government."

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