On March 5, 2003 at 6:56am, Rev. Jonathan Hansen received the following word for Liberia:

"Liberia, the blood and cries of slaves sing out from the past. Do not allow hatred to rule you as it did your colonial masters. Break free from the spirit of control, revenge and hatred. Call on me to reverse the curse of retribution; of vengeance; of man ruling over their fellow man with beastly force and control.

Long ago, your descendants were sinned against cruelly and without mercy, but you are now guilty of the same injustice. Call upon my name Jesus Christ and the power of my blood to cleanse your heart, mind and soul; to truly liberate you to be great and admired as a merciful nation as a sign of the grace and power of Jesus Christ. I will protect and prosper you beyond your wildest imaginations. As I protected, and liberated, and supernaturally led my people out of bondage and slavery in Egypt, so I will do the same for you; no enemy will be able to destroy you.

Only put your trust in me, or I will allow this fragile peace to evaporate as the dew in the morning on the ground and the floodgates of death will ravish you until you as a nation are a by-word for pity and disaster."

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