On March 23, 2003 at 0555hrs., Rev. Hansen received the followed warning from God for Australia and New Zealand:

"To Australia and New Zealand cousin nations; you are a proud, independent, self-righteous people in love with yourselves and the things of this world.

You think you have escaped the cruelties of the world by leaving and migrating to their countries; but I the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is Jesus, will bring the cruelties of life to you.

Your humanism and arrogance has reached the heavens; your stench is repulsive to my nose.

My holiness cannot turn its back on your sins, your outright rebellion of my laws any longer.

Even most of your churches are filled with dead men's bones with only the appearance of serving God.

Immorality is commonplace and accepted; homosexuality is accepted; the gods that cursed my people Israel are accepted.

You have leaders that are damned as those who called for the Tower of Babel.

All religions, creeds and customs striving to become their own gods in their own united created One World Government.

You are cursed Australia and New Zealand. You are cursed with your own words and lifestyles that reject my son Jesus Christ in all you say and do.

Now get ready for my anger; my arm will smite you with plagues, with residue of crisis and residue of war.

Nuclear fallout will drop on you as the dew falls on the ground and you will cry out in anguish; only your cries will yet not be toward me. So, I will continue in my love to allow crisis and plagues and fallout to touch you.

Fallout of other nations' judgments will drift over you and again effect your environment, health and lives.

You are an arrogant, stubborn people; but as a loving father, I will continue to pursue you regardless of your current deception, defiance, cursing and bemoaning.

I will bring you to your knees if I have to break the very source of life that gives your nations' sustenance.

Look to me all who are called by my Son Jesus Christ!

Look to me and repent of your sins that his (my Son's) blood can cover and protect from my wrath, which is shortly to come upon the nations and upon you." (0618hrs.)

© 2003 World Ministries International