There is a Spirit of Control and Conspiracy that has cursed the people of Guyana that was birthed at Independence from countries outside of Guyana.  This spirit influenced the first elections and continues to play a part in every election to influence the outcome through Conspiracy, plots, plans, promises and corruption.  This has entered into the Churches of Guyana causing coups, splits and fights as pastors rebel against Godly Authority and fail to follow the scriptures all in the name of the Holy Spirit thus splitting the church by taking over the church or starting another one.

I see ethnic fighting in Guyana because the church is not sanctified, matured enough to stop deep carnal prejudices and biases.  I see a church in Guyana that has compromised Jesus Christ to the level of other religions and gods.

I see a church in Guyana that likes to sing, shout, bind and loose but they have no spiritual authority from God to turn the tide of evil or stop the devil because too much of the devil reigns in themselves.

Look in the mirror and you will see the devil--adultery, fornication and bastards everywhere!

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