On 6/18/2003 at 0949hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy:

"Sudan, Sudan a land filled with the blood of the innocents. You have hurt, persecuted, maimed, murdered and destroyed my people because of the gods you serve - gods of brick, stone and mortar cannot save your soul, they will only condemn your eternal spirit.

Look to me, Jesus Christ, while you still can call upon my name for mercy and grace; for a time is coming when I will send my plagues to tear your country apart.

The blood of my children are crying to me from the ground and I am about to release the Angel of Death upon your government. You are a blood-thirsty people and I will send you blood to fill your idolatrous appetite for blood and power. Yes, not only plagues are coming, but a sword of war and of death: and you will taste the pangs of suffering and death that you have been inflicting upon the innocent of my children.

Plagues, famine, disease and death, war and utter hopeless poverty will become your plight unless you turn to me while there is still time and hope.

An earthquake also is coming, yes an earthquake, and you will know that I live."

© 2003 World Ministries International