On 6/18/2003 at 1259hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy for Central and South America:

"Witchcraft and voodoo, chants and charms, spirits, demons, devils and gods are worshiped and adored. Your past is haunting; your past is destructive; your past is cursed with disease, plagues and death. Yet, your past is mild in comparison with the turmoil coming in the future -- earthquakes, disease, calamities and death.

Your gods, sorcerers, witches and magicians will not be able to save you from what I am allowing to come upon your nations, lands, water and oceans.

You have denied the Truth of the Ages and I am about ready to deny you of my protection and love. Cry out to your gods and see if they will or can answer you now. They are dead and they will burn with the fire of my wrath as I clean the land of its curses, plagues, disease and death.

Yes, a New Earth is coming and you will know that I live. Come under my blood into the arms of my love, so I can protect you from what lies ahead. Come now unto me, the Spirit of God Jesus Christ is saying."

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