On May 14, 2004, at 1417 hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy:

"South Africa, South Africa; a nation of blood, war and disease. Corruption is your middle name. You as a nation are corrupt, dishonest and evil. Your people are bred with this poison. Poison of violence, prejudice and bias run through your bones instead of marrow in a healthy person. Your disease is incurable. A new beginning is needed. Apartheid was not the answer as bias and prejudice continue, only the players have changed along with the color of their skin. But, the real spiritual sickness remains stronger than ever before as man's vanity in South Africa has increased and so has man's evil conscience and hypocritical deceptions to the world.

I, Jesus Christ, see through your plots of deception and warn you that catastrophe and crisis are coming. The pseudo-economic growth projections will evaporize into nothing but a sea of lies and false promises -- words of good intentions that never become fulfilled. Plans of blood will be exposed as blood will be shed and continue to be shed.

Yes, an earthquake and flood will sweep South Africa with pestilence in its wake. Do not think that I am happy with the leadership past, present or future. I am happy only with the remnant that knows my name and will be protected under my wings when I hail death unforeseen upon the nation. Yes, the death angels are coming with destruction in their wings, but I will give life to all who call upon my name and rely on my blood to save, protect and deliver them from the judgment soon to be released in this world and in eternity to come."

The Lord has spoken!

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