On 6/24/2004 at 1218 hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy for Cuba:

"Change is coming to Cuba! Sudden change, like lighting brought on by the Holy Ghost. Look to the Lord; there will be such a sudden change that you will be amazed. Pastors of Cuba, do not be discouraged! As I, Jehovah Jireh, your provider, supplied manna to My people in the wilderness, so I will provide for all your needs.

I am the God who sees the affliction of My servants. As I saw the faithfulness of my servant Joseph betrayed by his brethren and imprisoned by Potiphar's wife's lies, so I see your trials. As I elevated Joseph and brought him through his troubles, so I will do for you. I Am that I Am. I change not. I see, I deliver. I am the author of life and I will take the breath away from your enemies as it is appointed unto man once to die and then comes judgment.

Idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent and dividing the land of Israel brings a curse. Repent of all these sins, so I will protect and provide for all your needs. Come under My blood, so My wrath that destroyed My people's enemies in Egypt, will not hurt you, but prosper you. Do not be afraid for the Holy Spirit, I Myself, am visiting your land, Cuba, and change is coming. Get ready and preach repentance, be restored, for I am coming in My glory and none can withstand My mighty hand. The wind is blowing and revival and restoration is at hand."

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