On August 5, 2004 at 1010 hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy:

Pakistan, Pakistan a land of blood, death and fear. Fear has ruled in this land since your beginning and fear will continue till I return to rule and reign. My name is Jesus who you fight against. The Living God who you do not understand or accept.

Yes, Pakistan, you will eventually be defeated as a nation and you will start to look to Me as your source of strength and life. Terrible dark bloody days are ahead of you, such as been prophesied in the past. But, there is hope in Me for I will give all who turn to Me strength and protection against the plagues that I am about to unlock upon your nation -- plagues of famine, starvation, disease and death; war, blood and death such as can only be imagined in your worst dreams.

The Death Angel is coming swinging the sickle of death, and death will rain down from the sky as well as from the ground. Suddenly, without warning, flashes of death. Also earthquakes and death are in your future as your past haunts you.

I see also a major accident causing much death and this accident is the cause of your plotting war. What you plan to do to others will backfire on you and you will regret your intense hatred for your neighbor.

May you learn that II Chr. 7:14 is your salvation.