On August 5, 2004 at 1214 hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy:

Afghanistan, Afghanistan a disobedient people. You have suffered terribly in the past, you are suffering in the present, and you will suffer in the future.

Look to Me to end your suffering and shame. Death has been your constant companion and fear has been everlasting. You worship a bloodless god that has only impoverished you. Religion cannot help you; the West cannot help you; the United Nations cannot help you. Only I, Jesus Christ, the Living God, has the power truly to help you.

More earthquakes and pestilence is coming, as well as violent death. I am the only true and real source of peace. All other methods, people, religions, nations and institutions will fail you and will betray you.

Turn to Me people of Afghanistan -- now, while you still can, as death is coming.

© 2004 World Ministries International