On 11/3/2007 Dr. Hansen received this prophecy for Dubai:

"Dubai, Dubai,

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the living God loves you; he died for you; he shed his blood and died for you, so you can be forgiven and live forever with Him.  Jesus is in heaven at the right hand of God the Father.  He is returning to earth very soon.  His feet will touch the Mount of Olives - it will split in two.  The nations of the world will send their armies to fight against the Jews and Jesus will defeat these armies and bring peace to the earth.

Children of Dubai My people, you have sought to prove yourself through your own power, through the labor of your own hands, and through the power of your mind.  You in your own strength have tried to show the world your power, but I say to you, all your own efforts through your oil and wealth brought in from other countries, and through people who brought in stolen dirty money will be exposed. I will expose your iniquity.

I am ordering a wall of water, and then another, and then another to bring down your towers and buildings of vanity that attest to your pride and visions of grandeur, power and strength - As the people who built the tower of Babel to show their fellow man that they could control their own destiny, so you are now trying to do.  You are trying to control your own future with your wealth, but I will show you that you cannot control the weather or your future.  You will know that I am the only one that can control the weather and give you a future.

Turn to Me and you will find your destiny and you will have peace.  Trouble is coming upon all nations through the weather, the economy, then terrorism and war, but I can protect you if you are trusting in Me.  Hide under My Love and My Blood will cover your sins and protect you from the plagues that are coming upon the nations that trust in other powers and gods.  Only under My wings is their protection."

© 2007 World Ministries International