On 11/5/2007 Dr. Hansen received this prophecy for the People of Muscat, Oman:

"My name is Jesus whom some of you reject. Only I can save you from the plagues that are coming upon the world before I return to earth to judge the nations and bring peace to mankind.

I will return to earth when the armies of the world come against Jerusalem. My feet will stand on the Mount of Olives and the mountain will split in half. I will go forth and fight those nations that come against Jerusalem. (Zech.14:1-4)

Terrible plagues are coming upon the earth to show people and nations which serve other gods that I am the true living God. As Pharaoh in Egypt learned when I sent My 10 plagues to defeat his 10 gods that I am the living God.

Turn to Me, people of Muscat and all of Oman, so I can shelter you and protect you against these terrible plagues. The wind, weather, water and sand will come against nations and against you if you reject Me. Water from the sea and the sky will hurt you. Sand from the desert will pound on you and rocks from the mountains will fall on you and there will be no place to hide. No place to find safety from the storms that bring disease, destruction and death."

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