At 1152 hrs on February 12, 2009, I saw elephants running/trampling through green grass, fields, and corn crops.  At 1223 hrs, as I was meditating on it, I could see elephants...a herd of elephants running down people purposely as they were on assignment.  I believe the green grass and the fields with waist high wheat and barley blowing and the corn crops represent what is going to be released on America.

1.  I believe the green grass represents the weather--water, sun, snow that will be turned against the USA.

2.  I believe the fields with waist high wheat and barley represent our wealth--industry, imports, exports, housing equity, stocks and bonds, savings, banking, money markets, retail, wholesale business, etc., will fail.

3.  I believe the corn crops represent the high buildings and sky scrapers; forests, mountains, and rivers, lakes, oceans.  All will be effected.  Many will be destroyed.  Different cities across America will come under attack.  Some by terrorists--some by other nations--some by earthquakes and volcanoes and meteorites.

4.  Weather will turn against us--Wealth will be removed--much destruction is coming.

Only the church can stop the judgment and preserve America.  Christians must become salt and light and obey Jesus' commission to be His ambassadors, and making disciples of the nation.  If the church fails to confront evil, including governmental authority when it backs evil, then the church will be ruled.

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