At approximately 0232hrs., on December 2, 2011, I awoke from a dream:

In the dream, I and others with me including, I believe, Dr. Mike Hyodo, a member of my staff, were being chased by the military. The uniforms of the people chasing us were not American. It seemed as if they were Russian or German in appearance, but could have been either a mixture of both or an entirely new uniform, as I could not positively classify it.

As we Christians were being hunted down, I told another believer to hold up this banner over our heads with an inscription on it with something like "WMI - Law - Enforcement" and then the inscription faded into a blotch of words running together. With this banner over our heads, the soldiers quit chasing us to arrest and imprison us and we and the world seemed to be at peace.

I awoke pondering the dream and within five minutes fell asleep and had another dream. In that dream the peace had broken and I and other Christians were being hunted down again. This time the persecution was much worse in intensity. I saw myself in a room warning other Church Leaders of what was about to happen to them.

Apostle John Kelly was chairing the meeting and I was speaking. I warned the leaders of both dreams how Christians were being persecuted. I warned them that now was the time to prepare as persecution such as the world has never seen is about to happen, that there will also be the power of God released upon his servants who finally now seek him with all their hearts due to the persecution and become as the Royal Priesthood of Melchizedek and the Sons of Issachar who understood the times. During this time, these servants of God will do great exploits. The supernatural manifestations of the true and living God will be evidenced to the world and the greatest revival since mankind began will be unleashed with signs and wonders, healing and salvation, but also, the greatest persecution of believers will be taking place with Christians being arrested, imprisoned and killed.

I exhorted the leaders in the room listening to my warnings not to fear because God's grace is sufficient and we will be able to go through this as the Apostles and other saints have done so before us with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit residing within us and the angels ministering and surrounding us. I exhorted them that nothing could touch us unless God allowed it and if God allowed it, then his grace would be with us to be imprisoned or ushered into eternal life.

Prepare, prepare, prepare...I came out of the second dreams approximately 0352hrs., pondered upon the dreams and went to my office at 0400hrs., and started typing them out onto paper.

Most of the two dreams described above are already clearly understood. Christians right now are being persecuted more in this present generation than all of the other generations combined. Right now, Christians around the world are being persecuted and killed. The entire world is being pressurized into changing their values in their national constitutions to include abortion, homosexuality and Islamic laws and courts.

The New World Order propaganda machine is spewing out evil words and laws to turn people against born again believers. They are turning the people in the world against what Christians believe in morality and Jesus Christ. They are demonizing Christians so the world looks at Christians as evil people who cause the problems in the world with their ancient beliefs of values and stubborn insistence that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ alone as their savior and God.

I believe as the spiritual deceivableness continues to increase in the world and America, persecution against Christians will continue to increase in every nation. Finally, without a tremendous revival of repentance with a national turning back to Jesus Christ, faithful Christians who refuse to compromise will become persecuted in America as they are around the world.

I believe the banner lifted up over our heads that stopped us from being hunted down with the words "WMI - Law - Enforcement" mean that we in WMI and other Christians that continue to preach the word of God and give the warnings of the Lord will be persecuted as leaders in nations continue to reject and remove the laws of God out of their society. As temporary peace and law comes back for a short time, persecution will stop for a very short time, but then, persecution will come back with a vengeance against the Church of Jesus Christ and against the people of Israel.

God's banner will protect his bride against the plagues of God as his wrath, which will be leveled against the ungodly. The Science of Judgment will run its course as God enforces his laws.

I believe that this planned created world economic crash to follow, or be in conjunction with, a limited, what would be classified as world war with nuclear weapons involved, is imminent. I believe arising from the ashes of these combined events that result in lawlessness, disease, drought, famine, civil unrest and millions of people dead will lead to a seven year peace treaty. There will be temporary peace for a very short time, but finally the peace treaty will be broken and unprecedented persecution will follow against born again Christians and billions of people dying from the plagues of God against those people who resist God and persecute his church.

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