On March 14, 2020 I received a prophetic word at approximately 0130 hrs., which I recorded on television and Facebook. "THE LORD IS SAYING THIS COVID-19 VIRUS WILL GO AS QUICKLY AS IT CAME! THIS IS BUT A WARNING! PRAYER ALONE FOR MERCY WITHOUT REPENTANCE WILL NOT WORK IN THE FUTURE! IT IS GOOD THAT LEADERS SUCH AS PRESIDENT TRUMP ARE LEADING PRAYERS FOR MY MERCY, BUT IN THE FUTURE, I DEMAND REPENTANCE FOR SINS OF ABOMINATION SUCH AS KILLING THE INNOCENT(abortion), IMMORALITY (pornography, fornication, homosexuality, etc), IDOLATRY(serving self, ideologies, philosophies, religions, etc.) AND DIVIDING THE LAND OF ISRAEL. COVID-19 is a warning that much worse judgments/plagues are about to come!"

I shared the message titled Coronavirus/COVID-19/Hype/Warning or Coronavirus Prophecy.

"Pastoral Article"

Coronavirus/COVID-19/Hype/Warning or Coronavirus Prophecy (TV Air Date 3/27/2020) 

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