At 3:05 am on June 2, 2020, I had a dream of four fierce, huge, fully caped, mature, roaring male lions in their prime, growling in a field.  There was somebody walking amongst them that could control them and if you were with this figure you were safe, the lions would not attack you.  This happened repeatedly to me, being in different fields with this figure, and the roaring, killing lions all around me, but I was safe as long as I was with this being.  Once though, I came upon a field and three lions were far away from me where this figure was, and one lone lion was coming closer to me.  I hid in the forest to wait for the figure to come closer so I could join him and be safe again.  I knew without the figure being with me the lion would attack me.  

After hiding in the forest, waiting for the figure to come closer to me in order to walk with him, I saw what appeared to be Indian burial poles standing up with many dead bodies lying on top.  Beneath these dead bodies lying on top of this burial cemetery, were the four huge lions, dead, buried one by one in a column with dirt over them as they were in mounds.  

When I woke from the dream, the Lord gave me the interpretation.  Trouble, such as the world has never seen, is about to be unleashed upon the inhabitants of America and the nations.  The only hope for protection and safety is to be walking intimately with the Lord so His Holy Spirit can lead and guide you.  You can be protected from the plagues coming against the enemies of Jesus Christ as when God unleashed his ten plagues upon the Egyptians.  If you listened and obeyed the instructions given by His servant Moses, then you were safe from the plagues, including the final plague where the Angel of Death struck down the firstborn that did not have the blood over the doorposts and sides of the door.  We must be under the blood of Jesus to survive what will be happening in the near future to men on earth.  We must be under the seal of God so that what is coming upon the earth to judge people for their rebellion against God will not attack us, also making us victims.  We must be an overcomer!

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