At 4:25 am on June 17, 2020, I awoke from a dream where society seemed to be in very chaotic times.  In my dream the mafia was led by men and at the top of these mobsters, a murderous man was in charge.  I was afraid, but as long as I stayed friends with the boss man I was safe.  Again, the environment was chaotic with constant danger.  The next thing I knew, the leadership of the mafia had changed to a woman.  A very dangerous, immoral, and lawless woman.  Danger and killings were everywhere, but as long as I stayed close and friends with this evil woman I was safe.


In the dream I saw evil everywhere.  People were being chased, attacked and killed.  Again, as long as I stayed close and friends with this immoral woman, I was safe.  The world has been getting more and more evil and lawless with good against evil, but evil is winning.  Evil is gaining strength in the nations and in America.  Good moral and law-abiding citizens are being attacked by a wave of lawlessness and immorality is increasing.  Jesus said, "when I return will I find faith?"  The Bible warns that, "evil will become good and good will become evil."  The Bible also warns "in the last days the world will become as evil as it was in the days of Noah" when God judged the people for their sins with the flood.  The wave of evil I saw rising into a tsunami was crested with the takeover of this filthy, evil woman at the top which is the rise of the LGBTQ.  This is the epitome of immorality and lawlessness as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah and the plain cities.  God destroyed those cities because of the utter debauchery and lawlessness of the people living in them.  Remember, the sodomites even wanted to rape the angels.  The lawlessness in America, with the rise of the LGBTQ, is a sign of how close we are to total lawlessness, anarchy, rebellion, revolution and society being turned upside down with the innocent, righteous and good moral people becoming hated, attacked and hunted down.  The only salvation is staying close to God, being led by His Holy Spirit and staying close to His bride.  Both the bride of Christ and the Holy Spirit can comfort, guide and protect you during these unprecedented evil times we are in and worse times we will be heading into.

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