Monday, June 22, 2020 at 5 am I awoke from a dream.  We were building a shelf in a room where I was going to preach.  We measured the dimensions carefully, to the last detail, then took the plans to another office.  As the shelf was being built in the room, a woman who appeared to be leading the project, asked me the dimensions of different parts of the shelf.  I told her to let me double check to make sure the dimensions to cut were absolutely correct, knowing if they weren't, they wouldn't fit.  There was an urgency not only to get the dimensions checked before we could proceed building the shelf, but also because I was preaching in that very room that evening so time was a concern.  I said let me go double check and bring the blueprints back with me.  I ran to the other building, about one hundred yards away, and told several men that I needed the blueprints to double check the measurements of the shelf.  It needed to be cut perfectly or it wouldn't fit and we needed it to fit exactly perfect.  There was a taller man who looked like the celebrity, Kirk Douglas.  He volunteered to take the blueprints back to the room where the shelf was being built but I said, "No, give them to me, I will go."  I took the plans and ran faster than I had run in years and while running I made the comment,  "Look, I haven't run this fast in a long time." I was amazed how fast I was running.  I said "See, I'm getting in shape again quickly."  I ran into the room where the shelf was being built and where I was going to preach that night.  This room appeared to be the WMI college chapel and the other office that I had run to and from retrieving the blueprints, was our second administration office.


In the dream there were men and a lead supervisory woman building the shelf.  When the lead woman (supervisor) asked for the exact figures so the shelf could be built perfectly, I hesitated and said, "Let me double check the original plans."  I didn't want to rely on my memory with such an important project.  The lead supervisory woman meant God was going to also use women in an important way in this revival that would sweep the country and would not just be there to assist in background activities and ministry of the team in this mighty move of God, but they also would be used in a major way.  I saw a few men in my dream and this one woman.  A few men in the chapel that was bringing renovation with the additional shelves and a few men in the administration office is what I saw.  The interpretation was God is not going to have many laborers, but the few willing to work, were essentially critical to get this shelf built so the revival could start.  Dear fellow laborers:  God is going to start this mighty move of the spirit with relatively few, but the momentum will increase until there is a tsunami effect on the move and power of God that will sweep America.  The exact measurements to detail meant that in training and preaching the Word, the truth must be clear without error to take away the doubt and deception in society today.  They could then make a definite choice to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior and not the lies and goals of people wanting to topple the Republic of The United States of America.  The interpretation of me running faster than I had in years, revealed that time is critical in these last days and we will be doing what the Lord leads us to accomplish speedily without delay.  That I would also be holding revival meetings where the Holy Spirit really moved as I did in my earlier years traveling the nations, as well as other people who needed to get back to the basics of the Holy Spirit led meetings. Seeing Kirk Douglas means that this Holy Spirit driven revival will even reach Hollywood, as even some celebrities and producers repent and better movies are made by those touched!  5:37 am

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