On July 2, 2020 at 0432 hrs., I awoke from a dream.  In the dream, I was once again working in Law Enforcement.  I was walking in the police compound parking lot at headquarters looking for a car to use for the day shift.  I was walking alongside two black officers I didn't seem to know.  They were just a few steps ahead of me and they chose the vehicle I wanted.  I did not say anything and took the vehicle adjacent on the other side of the car they chose, as it was about the same type and size only a tiny bit longer at the tip in front.  I looked at the gas gauge and noticed it was about empty so I knew I had to get some fuel immediately.  When I was about to pull out, another police vehicle on the other side of me with a single white officer started to drive.  As he was pulling out, I was also starting to drive.  I noticed that he did not seem to notice how close his car was getting to me.  I yelled and jerked the wheel of my vehicle the other direction in hopes of avoiding his vehicle colliding with mine.  I felt a slight bump and I was not sure if the tip of our cars touched each other.  He had turned in front of me but I wasn't sure if the nose of his car veered into mine when he was starting to turn in front of me.  I sort of thought that he had, but the white driver did not stop, acting like he was not aware that we hit and wasn't acting aware that I was there.  I was going to get out of my car to check for damage but decided that I needed to go refuel immediately anyway and at that time I would check my patrol vehicle to see if there was any damage that would confirm we had collided.

I picked up the car microphone to check into service and advise that I was going straight to refuel because my car was on empty, but I forgot the code advising them where I was going.  I was so embarrassed about forgetting the code and I did not want to just say I was going to refuel, in case criminal elements were listening, that I just checked into service hoping they would not send me on a call before I refueled.  As I was driving to the police petrol station, I forgot what road to turn on.  This greatly confused and troubled me as I took the same route daily for years, either at the start or end of my shift to refuel.  I found myself driving on a one way road that led onto a freeway away from where the petrol station was located.  I looked back over my shoulder and below as I now was on a bridge high in the air.  I could see I was going the opposite direction toward the downtown area of the city with skyscrapers etc., with the ocean under me and between me and the city.  As I was driving and following the freeway, turning the vehicle where I was hoping would eventually take me back to where I could fuel the car, I found myself with the need to sleep.  I looked for sleeping pajamas and the only sleeping gowns available looked like the long baggy gowns that were used in America over 100 years ago that only women etc., would wear today.  I refused to wear those women's gowns and I awoke momentarily.  I went back to sleep and found myself needing a dog, but when I got the dog I examined it closer and noticed it looked like a hyena.  I was shocked, confused and concerned and then woke up.  The police vehicles in my dream were all unmarked and the officers were all in plain clothes as detectives would wear.  


In these perilous and dangerous times, Christians will become as undercover agents representing Jesus Christ, the chief Law Enforcement Officer representing righteousness, holiness, law and justice.  The headquarters where I started was the seat of Jesus Christ in heaven, but now I and others were sent by God to be His representatives on earth to bring righteousness, holiness, law and justice to all those who would allow mercy and grace to come upon them for their salvation.  The different races of officers, all driving unmarked cars, also represent that the kingdom of God is made up of the population of all the nations in the world with various races and colors of skin.  Just as I did not seem to know the two black officers and one white officer, on earth we won't know all those that are representing Jesus Christ trying to usher the world into righteousness, holiness, law and justice but we are on the same team working for our Lord and Savior.  We need to be aware of other Christians in this end time battle so we don't collide and have unnecessary causalities and accidents.  There will be times that some Christians don't even realize that they hurt us or are working against us, as when the white officer drove his car into mine, not even realizing that his negligence caused an avoidable accident.  We must all work with the love of God exhibiting extra measures of mercy and grace to forgive others of their mistakes.  We must be constantly in the word of God, not relying on our past journeys or victories for today's present assignment, as when I forgot the call code to tell the dispatcher I needed fuel or when I took the wrong road trying to go to the petrol depot.  Instead, I found myself going the wrong direction surrounded by ocean which had dangerous animals beneath the waters.  Yes, I had indeed relied on my memory for the code and the direction of the petrol station instead of keeping in the Word constantly to refresh my memory and avoid making errors in judgment and possibly leading me to destruction.

Yes, we need to sleep and rest in the Lord.  The forces and principalities of Satan are all around the Christians today, wanting you to put on the views and values of the LGBTQ and others, as the women's gowns represented which I did not want to put on and refused to wear.  Even our needs like the dog I wanted, we must be careful as dangerous, spiritual principalities are waiting operating through evil men to destroy us if possible, like the hyena surely would have tried to do.

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