On July 3, 2020 at 0246 hrs., I awoke from a dream.  In that dream I saw Annika Daley standing at a podium on stage with tables on either side of her on the platform where leaders were sitting.  She looked to her right at the leaders table and saw where myself and Dr. Mike Hyodo were sitting.  Other than her head looking to her right at us, she was still facing the audience from behind the podium.  She seemed to want to see if Dr. Hyodo was listening closely as she appeared to want to make a comment but did not want to hurt his feelings.  Finally she said in a low voice, "this is utter chaos, it's chaotic" talking about what we were doing in the ministry generally, but also in Kenya.

The next thing I know I was eating from a plate.  The plate was passed down to me and I think what was on the plate was suppose to be good for us to eat.  Especially good for the brain, was food that look like pecans in gravy.  I looked up and saw that Mike was now by the location where Annika had been standing and I passed the plate down to him so he could also eat before all the food was gone, especially the brain food.  


Annika Daley is part of the International Coalition of Apostolic leaders (ICAL) where I serve on the board.  God is saying that generally, the leadership of the church is working on their own interests for ministry, but not working as a cohesive army would that follows orders from different ranks that finally have a strategy from the top commander.  Many leaders in the world are more concerned with their congregations than the kingdom of God and sometimes are interested in their members for selfish reasons to obtain their tithes and offerings.  Also, some leaders just want recognition and the members and the kingdom of God actually suffer from their negligence and selfishness.  God is saying that all of us can improve, some much more than others, in working as a team under God to expand the kingdom of God on earth and repel the demonic powers unleashed upon the earth because of man's sins.  All of us need to constantly stay in the word of God in devotions, meditation and prayer; always studying and learning from the Bible, others and mostly filled constantly with the Holy Spirit to have the power gifts to fight this satanic onslaught being constantly unleashed on mankind.  Only the word of God can give us the food substance we need, including the wisdom or what the dream classified as brain food.  Also, we must equip and correct all people and peers with compassion and love, not wanting to purposely hurt their feelings but instead to make them healthier, stronger and better capable to be effective in God's army.

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