On July 6, 2020, I awoke from a dream at 0250 hrs.  In the dream I was ministering in Australia with my family.  I was going to and from different venues.  What became intuitively obvious was that all the ministers and churches were also waiting for Rick Seaward to arrive to hold a meeting.  As we continued to keep busy, word came that he would not arrive today, but maybe tomorrow.  When tomorrow came he still had not arrived.  On Saturday I finally told my wife, "I don't think he will arrive until Monday."  (I awoke but went immediately back to sleep.)  I found myself telling my wife, "I think that I could stay and build the church."  (I awoke and fell back to sleep.)  I saw a T-bone steak on a plate and said, "They want to eat us!"  (I awoke and fell back to sleep) I said, "grandma is coming." and then said, "The grandmas are coming. I woke up completely this time and went straight to my office to type out the dream.


Now is the time for Australia to build and strengthen the church of Jesus Christ to extend the kingdom of God.  God is going to use me and other apostolic Leaders to take part in this move of God.  As we kept waiting in Australia for Rick Seaward to arrive, it means they are waiting for the Apostolic to truly lead them.  Rick Seaward is my cousin, now deceased, who was a mighty contemporary modern-day apostle that started a tremendous apostolic church in Singapore that birthed thousands of churches throughout the world.  They raised up, trained, and sent out thousands of missionaries to plant churches.  Australia is not waiting for a particular man, but for the leadership of the Apostolic to usher in a mighty move of God such as Australia has never seen.  The T-bone steak and the statement, "They want to eat us!" means that persecution is coming.  This means that time is critically short to organize the church to move as a united fighting force, doing the work of the Lord and seeing countless saved before severe persecution closes the opportunity to move in the freedom that is still available.  My Grandmother, Letta Hansen, was a tremendous woman of faith.  A book was written about her missionary work in China as she was led by the Holy Spirit and witnessed such a move of God there.  She saw thousands saved with countless genuine miracles, healings and deliverances.  She witnessed God preserving them during World War II and bringing them out of a concentration prison, while suffering and death was all around them.  The word "grandmas" also appeared, which means we are going to need the faith of Letta Hansen and our grandmas that knew the power of the Holy Ghost and how to be led by the Holy Spirit if we are truly going to be effective in these end times; if we are truly going to be effective in Australia.  There is too much reliance on man's modern method of merely counseling without the Holy Spirit involved.  Years of counseling goes on without real deliverance from problems which could be immediately solved through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with people being set free from their bondages and depression, brought on by unforgiveness, etc.  Now is the time for the church to be apostolically led and prophetically influenced, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to be successful in these end times. We need to take advantage of the freedom we still have before severe persecution arrives!!

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