At 5:15 am on July 7, 2020, I awoke from a dream that first began on July 6th when I woke the first time at 10:30 pm.  I found myself in a stagecoach, slightly looking up at my partner sitting next to me.  He was trying to negotiate a deal with another man.  There was a small table between them and each one had a steak on their plates.  My partner was eating his steak, lavishly enjoying each bite, but the man with whom he was trying to make the deal, took a bite or two acting like he wasn't interested in the beautiful steak dinner.  I thought maybe the man was playing hard to get so my partner would compromise on the deal.  The next thing I knew the man who refused to eat the steak was offering it to another young ignorant person.  They were no longer in the stagecoach, but on the street.  The young person ate the steak gratefully and they made a $125 deal for the same item my partner had offered him for only $25.  When we heard what was transpiring we interfered and corrected the transaction, telling the young man he was being cheated, and stopping the wrongful presentation of the item.

Then I remember seeing white and yellow beings trying to act as a barrier to stop the advancement of evil men and spirits, but these white and yellow beings, human in appearance, could not stop them as evil went right past them.  So I used these white and yellow people as bait and decided to go fishing.  I put them on my hook and threw them into the water.

I awoke periodically throughout the night as the dream continued.  I now decided we needed some coffee as others were with me.  They made me a cup, but I said, "It's too weak; the coffee has to be much darker/stronger than that." So they made it deeply black and very strong.  I said, "Now we are ready to drink it."

I awoke again and fell back to sleep.  Now I saw people making the same line of defense as before, only this time the people appeared as eagles with white and red coloring.  They would change from a person into an eagle constantly.

As I pondered what we had originally used to negotiate a deal with the first person eating the steak, and others subsequently,  I remembered going into a room with a card table.  On it was a tall pile of gold and another pile of gold half as tall.  I chose the one that was only half as tall because that was all it seemed I could carry and use.  I awoke for the final time at 5:15 am on July 7, 2020.


The piles of gold represent the precious blood of Jesus Christ and the word of God containing the truths of God and mysteries of eternity.  A person cannot accumulate all the wisdom of God during his lifetime and the blood of Jesus is more than sufficient for all of mankind and more.  That is the reason I took the smaller stack of gold.  It was more than enough for me and others to use to represent and fight the battles in life and to extend the kingdom of God, with many being added to the bride and many warriors being developed.

The two men in the stagecoach represent, throughout history to the present, men who have tried to offer the gift of eternal life to others, but many rejected the gospel, some after a few bites (steak).  Some took the gospel and have tried to make business out of it as the man who rejected it from my partner. Both pastors, and people who use Christianity for their personal advantage, will be corrected and shamed by God, just as the man in the stagecoach was corrected and exposed when he tried to take advantage of the younger man.

The white and yellow beings were angles and men, but the angels were observing, not usually interfering with the men trying unsuccessfully to act as a barrier to stop the enemy from advancing.  The reason for their failure is because, without putting on the whole armor of God, (meaning maturity, sanctification, baptism in the Holy Spirit and operating with the supernatural gifts of God), one cannot truly fight and stop the advancement of evil men and spirits. Without these, you don't possess the wisdom, maturity or strength to fight back, including debating, standing for truth, and standing against sin.  Instead, you will compromise the truth and standards of the gospel to protect yourself, while the enemy continues to pollute the land and those who live in it.  You are only good for fishing to catch fish, (meaning to present the simple gospel to those who don't intimidate you and are not dangerous to you), but you cannot fight in this real battle of good versus evil.  God is saying,  "Men today must be saturated with the word and baptized in the Holy Spirit in order to lead a genuine powerful Holy Spirit Revival to set people free."

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