I went to bed after midnight but at 6:28am, July 10, 2020, I awoke from a dream.  In the dream we appeared to be in some type of war.  Whether it was civil war, an invasion or the end times persecution against true believers who refuse to follow their evil agenda, I don't know.  I remember myself and others fleeing for safety because we were being hunted down.  We received notice that there was an island where we could be safe.  We went to the island and a short time later we had to flee and go to another one where we would be temporarily safe.  Once again, we had to eventually flee the island we were on and fled to another larger land mass.


In various visions, dreams and prophecies that I have received, starting in 1995, persecution is certainly coming on Christians in America.  Yes, I believe we will see an actual civil war, with the divided states of America, where many will be killed both Christian and non-Christian.  I also believe that Christians will be, and are now, the focus of demoniac hatred as the liberal Marxist know that Christians have been against their immoral laws, agenda and goals to topple the Republic under God.  I also believe we will suffer a military invasion and I believe Christians will suffer horrible persecution and death, being hunted down for resisting the New World Order and refusal to take the Mark of the Beast.  In all three of these scenarios, Christians will be attacked, and in some cases hunted down.  Fleeing for one's life will take place.  No matter where Christians flee, eventually they will have to run and hide again.  The larger land mass means some people will actually flee America hoping to find safety in another country or location, but eventually as the world comes under the Beast Government, the only safety will be the strongest, safest land mass which is Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in heaven and eventually on earth after the tribulation.  Many countless millions will die from persecution because during freedom, over the years, Christians failed to make disciples of the nations and come against evil men with their evil agenda and immoral laws.  The Bible warned us if evil men rule, the innocent suffer, but if righteous men rule, the righteous will prosper.  Unfortunately, we have a lukewarm backslidden church.  Many will wake up during this horrible persecution that lies just ahead of us, but it is too late to save America from coming under judgment and persecution.  Today is the day of salvation.  Receive Jesus now!  Repent of your sins, including carnal Christians who must repent of the backslidden lukewarm condition of loving themselves more than Jesus.  Pastor, it is way past time for you to continue to be politically correct and for you to avoid offending people.  I am so tired of cowardly pastors using all the excuses not to offend sinners and not get involved.  You need to call evil what it is and to name fornication, cohabitation, and abortion as sin. I am tired of pastors who are afraid to come against BLM and Antifa.  Both are racist organizations led by Marxist who are wanting and trying to topple a Christian based capitalism into a Marxist anti-God America ready to join the New World Order.  Today's Democratic party is an enemy of Jesus Christ and all true believers that believe in the morality and values Christ taught.  Today's Democratic Party proudly proclaim they are now socialist backing abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, and LBGTQ, removing God from everything including our flag and the national anthem.  They protect George Soros, a Marxist who hates America, and Obama who is working with him to topple the Republic of the United States.  Pastor, if you cannot speak the truth, expose evil, and quit being a pawn and coward behind the pulpit, please resign, because you are also guilty of allowing evil to continue in America.  Truth takes away deception and prayers bring conviction.  Christians in Germany were responsible for allowing Hitler to take over and cowardly pastors in America are responsible for allowing this country to go so far away from God and for evil to spread unabated from most pulpits in America.

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