At 3:02 am on July 13, 2020, I awoke from a dream.  I was attending a conference led by a well-known Christian leader.  The leader was teaching on church growth and leadership, emphasizing that we need not only the apostle but the prophet leading our team.  Since people knew me there, they asked me if the conference leader had asked me to define the office of the prophet.  I was told that this leader teaching the conference had already brought on his staff, three people whom he called either a prophet or prophetess.  When the class was over I needed to use the restroom, but I couldn't find one with toilets and didn't want to sit on a urinal.  I went looking for another restroom, but finally decided just to go to my hotel.  I had a hard time finding it and a man said, "Follow me".  We went quite a long way down a hill and around and up again.  Finally, from a distance, he pointed to a hotel that appeared to be one I had stayed in before when visiting Israel.  He said, "There it is."  I said, "We should have just stayed at that hotel instead of the one where we were.  I fell back to sleep and while in a daze, a dream, or a vision, (I'm not sure) I found myself in front of a double wide door.  I opened the double wide door for people to go through.  As I opened the door wide, I seemed to be attached to the door and the crowd was going through the door with me attached to it.


The conference I was attending on church growth and leadership, talking about the need for prophets and prophetesses, was led for the most part by leaders who don't understand the office of a prophet, as compared to the gift of prophecy under the Holy Spirit, given for encouragement, exhortation and comfort.  The office of a prophet is under Jesus Christ, as is the apostle, pastor, teacher and evangelist.  The person ministering in the office of a prophet is concerned primarily with sin that separates a person or nation from God and results in judgment.  Most churches, and even some leadership networks, use people whom they call prophets or prophetesses, but in fact they are not.  They are people who are using the gift of prophecy, given by the Holy Spirit to encourage, exhort and comfort.  Sometimes they manufacture their so-called prophecies out of their bellies, and they just want to make people feel encouraged, happy and excited.  When I was asked, "Did the leader of the conference ask you to define the office of a Prophet?"  I answered, "No."  The reason was that most leaders have already made up their mind what they believe a prophet or prophetess is today, and they have separated the Old and New Testaments with their antiquated dispensationalist teachings.  They don't understand the Old and New Testaments were actually one book that was never meant to be separated by men.  Much of what is written in what is called the New Testament, was already understood and established in the Old Testament.  The writers never felt it necessary to reiterate an already known fact, just as in classes of mathematics or history for example.  One does not continually keep mentioning truth previously taught.  One needs to know those truths in order to continue to understand, teach and reach the correct answers in whatever problems need to be solved today.  Regarding the dream, at the end of the seminar I unsuccessfully tried to find a toilet to relieve myself and finally gave up, deciding to go back to my hotel and use one I knew was built for that purpose.  The meaning is that people cannot find truth today.  One reason is that the church is out of order, not using mature educated leadership that know the difference between true apostolic and prophetic leadership.  Instead, they use people whose leadership and teaching are compromised, and much of their teaching needs to be excreted.  It's hard to find the right people (toilets or urinals) to use.

There comes a time when a person, and the church today, realizes that they need to find sound teaching to follow and ministers from which to learn.  In my dream it took a long time to search, going down and around and up again until finally I spotted a familiar hotel where I had stayed before.  I knew it was good and I trusted it saying "We should have stayed there in the first place."  When I was opening the door and masses of people started going through, the double doors indicated that the truth will be presented by some loud and clear, with enough exposure that many will rush for true leadership.  They can be trained, equipped and prepared for the battles we are all in currently.  Some are grossly ignorant of that reality, as well as much more serious battles we are all going to be experiencing very soon.

The following is from Dr. Hansen's article "Apostolic Alignment in the Body of Christ"

Read Jeremiah 14:11-16, Ezekiel 13:1-10, Ezekiel 14:13-20, Ezekiel 22:1-31, Nahum 3:19, Jeremiah 30:12-15

Some people like to quote Daniel, suggesting that he stood in the gap, which is true. So did Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Noah, and many others, but judgment fell anyway. The population was destroyed in Noah's time, but Noah and his family were saved by obeying God. The Nation of Israel was taken into slavery. Daniel himself went into slavery, being taken to Babylon. Even though they all stood in the gap, unless the people themselves repented, as the people of Nineveh did, the nation fell. God honored Daniel, and he became a leader in Babylon, but Israel was in slavery.

Standing in the gap means more than praying. These men did more than just pray. They sounded the alarm! They warned the people in the nation that they must repent or suffer the consequences of their continued disobedience. They prayed, fasted, preached, and the Holy Spirit convicted. However, if the people of the nation did not themselves repent, judgment fell anyway. Moses stood in the gap, but the people died in the wilderness, never receiving the promises of God because of their continued sins.

Christian leadership that is mature enough to influence people living in their nations is the only hope for advancing the Kingdom of God, which would usher in peace and prosperity. There are traitors in every nation working with the world Elitists whose goal is to destroy the sovereignty of every nation by causing their economies to crash, and then promoting a One World Currency requiring people to take a mark on their right hand or forehead (Rev. 13). World War III, the Great Tribulation described in the Book of Revelation which includes the plagues of God upon those who reject Jesus Christ, the persecution of Christians by the anti-Christ (Beast), and the Battle of Armageddon are all coming.

My commission is to warn the nations of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, when His feet will touch down on the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:1-4), and the consequences of rejecting Him. People, we must continue to stand in the gap, pray, fast, and warn people to repent. If they ignore us, judgment will fall, but God will honor the believers who are righteous. We are in a spiritual/cultural battle...Jesus Christ vs. anti-Christ; heaven vs. hell. I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ, and you must be one too! Help me to be faithful. God be with you!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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