On July 18, 2020, at 0547hrs., I awoke from a dream. People were looking for clean fish to eat.  I said, "We must find fish that is not only clean, but not poisonous."  We found a location and I said, "This is where we can get the healthy fish."


People today are confused and misled.  They are wandering around looking for something real.  They are being deceived by elements in society such as the media, Hollywood, political leaders, public schools and universities, and sometimes by their friends, relatives and parents.  Most Christians are even being misled by their own pastors who are more in love with the world than with Jesus.  They are compromised by their own vanity and by denominational interpretation of portions of scripture.  This makes the food they eat dirty and even spiritually poisonous.  In the dream, the people were looking for fish, which represents the search for something real, which is Jesus Christ.  He alone will make them complete and give them eternal life, rather than some form of ideology, philosophy or religion which simply destroys their soul and gives them death.

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