On July 24, 2020  I awoke twice from a dream.  The first time was around 3:20 am and the second time around 6 am.  I saw myself in the desert in a camouflage military humvee.   We were going up and down sand dunes with rockets/bomb blasts going off in the distance all around us.  It was obvious we were in a war, but we were not hit.


I have been in spiritual war, as have all of us, all my life.  However, after my dream in 1985, where I saw myself traveling the nations to give warning to the masses, as well as to presidents and governments,  I became more aware than ever before of the spiritual battle we are in.  In that 1985 dream, I saw apocalyptic events, as well as the heart of God, which was broken.  I asked God why His heart was broken and He said, "Because My bride is in love with the world more than with Me".  I asked why and He said, "Because of the pastor behind the pulpit."  I came out of that dream sweating and proceeded to resign from my career with the Sheriff's Department.  I liquidated my business interests and started traveling the nations, warning the church to wake up and return to their first love because trouble was coming.  It was, and still is, a John the Baptist, Elijah type of warning message. 

In the dream, when I saw the bombs going off around me in the distance and not hitting me, it meant that God is protecting me, and just as when the plagues came upon Egypt, nothing can happen to me unless God allows it.  We must be like the children of Israel who had to obey the words of warning from God, given to Moses,  in order for them to avoid being stricken as were the Egyptians.  As God protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion's den, God can protect you and I.  However, if you are not in an intimate relationship with God, so that you can truly be given warnings and direction from the Holy Spirit, then you will become a casualty. Many people have been casualties all their lives and don't even know it.  Sometimes it is due to their own lukewarm backslidden condition and sometimes it is due to the church where they attend.  Their pastor is not like the sons of Issachar who were in tune with the signs of the times and gave warnings to prepare the people.  People need leadership for example on how to vote and a warning that things are not just business as usual and all will turn back to normal after the election.

The desert in the dream represents the aloneness of the battle that I and others have been fighting.  A war where others don't even realize the responsibilities they have, nor the dangers they are in currently because of their inability to recognize what the enemy has been doing for years through evil political men.  Yes, I and others have been fighting this relatively desert-like fight.  Few are in the battle with zeal,  just as few wanted to join John the Baptist in the desert/wilderness to be developed by God.  There will be many casualties in the church and some will be due to the pastors leading the church.

The military humvee I rode in represents the seriousness of the battle, increasing in intensity, and the serious attacks we are going to be sustaining like never seen before in America.

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