Dream - Deputy Sheriff

At 5:10 am on September 28, 2020, I awoke from a dream.  In the dream, I put on my deputy sheriff's uniform, said goodbye to my wife, and drove off in my patrol car.  I remember putting on the full uniform, including a tie and tie clasp.  I thought maybe I should take off the tie and tie clasp, but decided to leave it on.  I remember thinking it made me look more authoritative.

As I was driving, I came to a stop and my niece Kelly Allen got into the front seat of my patrol car.  I thought it would be for a short time, but she began talking and talking.  I remember driving into a parking lot, possibly at a mall, and the traffic was very heavy.  I was unable to merge back onto the road, so I decided to drive slowly in the parking lot, in the same direction, next to the street that I wanted to travel.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not merge into my lane on the main street because of the traffic.  I finally pointed out to my passenger, the small bicycle lane.  Then I made my way carefully into that lane, even though it wasn't made for vehicles.

The next thing I knew, I found myself in a crowded church mingling with a lot of people.   Again, I thought of taking my tie off because it was hot, but decided to leave it on since it made me look like I had more authority and I wanted that respect.  Then as I was driving home, I realized my niece was still with me.  What I thought was to be a short ten minute ride for my niece, resulted in a long ride.  I finally arrived home much later than I expected.  I was exhausted and wanted to be alone with my wife.

When my wife and I crawled into bed, my niece crawled into another bed in our bedroom.  She was talking so there was no privacy for my wife and I, even though I wanted privacy.  The next thing I knew, my niece turned into another young lady who asked me if I knew her.  I was hesitant to answer and she was getting upset.  I told her that I thought she was Vicki Toole and her father was a dark man.  She said, "Yes" and acted like I should have known her instantly, naming the church where she attended.  I told her I had not gone to that church, but my brother had been there.

The next thing I knew, another person was either in the same bed as Kelly and Vicki had been, or now all three were in our bedroom, giving us no privacy for any reason we might want privacy.  I seemed to know this third woman from my years living at home in Latah, WA.  She attended a church where my father was the pastor.  This woman was talking about a situation for which she was ashamed.  Her conversation was not straightforward, apparently out of shame, but she finally held up some underwear that she wore when she was working.

I awoke!


The deputy's uniform represented authority and the tie and tie clasp represented additional recognized authority.  We, as believers, will need to walk with authority, meaning God's anointing from a life of intimacy with the Father.  We will need strong enough anointing to be noticed by men and demons.  The tie and clasp means we should also move with the supernatural power gifts of the Holy Spirit (Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Gift of Faith, Working of Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Visions and Dreams, Tongues and their Interpretation), if we are truly going to do battle against evil men and demons attacking the earth and people living within the earth, especially Christians.

As I was driving, there was so much traffic that I could not merge from the parking lot to my lane on the main street, so I had to take a bicycle lane.  That meant we are going to be entering into very chaotic and hectic times.  The normal rules of the road will be ignored because of the trouble within our country.  Kelly got into my car for what I thought would be only ten minutes, but it turned out to be an indefinite period of time.  I found myself housing her, then a person named Vicki and finally another person all in our own bedroom, meaning the rest of our house was also filled with unexpected people suffering from the crisis in the nation.

This means that trouble is going to erupt out of nowhere just as 9/11 came out of nowhere.  It will start off as a normal day, and all of a sudden, we will find ourselves in chaos.  I told Vicki her father was a dark man and the reason I didn't immediately know her name was because I had not gone to that church, it was my brother who went there.  Now my brother has been dead for many years, but trouble is going to hit all people living in America; even people from long ago in our past will be effected.  The dark man means we will be helping one another and the color of skin will not matter.  The third woman who was not straightforward in explaining what she did for a living, but just held out some underwear she used on the job, means that many people will compromise in this scenario and do things they normally wouldn't do just to survive.

The church in which I found myself was filled with frantic people.  These people are going to flock to churches for safety and look for answers to these rising problems, however, most of the churches don't have the answers because they have compromised the Word of God.  The pastors have loved themselves and the world more than God and now they are incapable of helping these people with any real direction.  They themselves and the people that have been listening to their entertaining, compromising, consumer friendly, motivational sermons are all going to become victims of evil men and spirits.  These pastors are talking and lying to their congregations.  They are also cooperating with politicians and governments who have convinced them to have their congregations follow their directions in crisis, even if these directions are totally unconstitutional.  They lead the church into slavery, persecution and death just as the pastors did in Germany.  This allowed Hitler to take control of Germany because of the pathetic, weak, pastors that for years were manipulating their congregations as well.  I believe, without a doubt, that we are not only going to experience civil unrest, but also civil war and an invasion.

Please study my web site under Prophecies for North America and click on America.  Read my 28 visions and dreams that started in 1985, describing exactly what is coming on America and what Christians will be facing.  This deals with chemical, biological, nuclear terrorism and attack naming the exact cities.  It describes an economic crash, stock market crash, civil unrest, civil war, invasion and many other events and situations.  Some have already happened and others will happen and are happening right before our very eyes.  It also explains clearly why these events are happening and going to happen and the blame lies fundamentally with a lukewarm, sometimes agnostic church, led by a pathetic pastor.  Thus, we who are intimate with God are going to be sought after for counsel and ministry, as well as shelter and protection, because we are prepared.  God has warned us what is going to happen and the need and wisdom to prepare like Joseph did in Egypt.

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