Early in the morning of January 15, 2021, I woke from a dream. In the dream I saw people in confusion, chaos and crisis, apparently fighting. It seemed to be between good guys and bad guys, those loyal to the Republic of the United States of America and those wanting to radically transform America to communistic, socialistic, Marxist philosophies, ideologies and agenda. In the fighting Obama collapsed. He was carried away by the good guys and appeared seriously wounded or dead, with his arms and head dangling down as they carried his body away from the fighting. He was put in a secure and safe place, away from the fighting, in a cave. Many visitors came to see and wait on his condition until no more were allowed to come. I awoke.
The interpretation. The United States of America is in a fight for its freedom, under God or under Marxist ideology, moving the nation into the New World order. With the struggle going on right now, verbal fighting filled with hatred for God, freedom loving people and Christians. Obama, the primary instigator of all the struggle, deception, hatred and fighting fell. Whether he was shot, arrested or his influence was removed, Obama will go down and not be a player in a significant way soon.

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