Freedom of Speech is currently guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, but I am warning you that Christian freedom of speech is under a horrendous attack by many people operating with the spirit of the beast.

There are those in Congress and throughout America that want to stop born again Christians from being able to express their beliefs. They call it “hate speech”. What is so very ludicrous is that they have no problem telling society what they believe. What type of insanity is it when people think they can dictate to others what they can or cannot say depending upon what they think is acceptable speech based on their personal standards?

When a culture makes laws to dictate what people can or cannot say based on their beliefs, that society is living under tyranny. This is how Hitler took leadership over Germany and how Stalin acquired control in Russia.

In 1987 the Federal Communications Commission abolished a policy that would regulate the opinions aired by broadcasters. The Fairness Doctrine was vetoed by President Bush because it would significantly affect freedom of speech to talk-radio and religious broadcasters. America defeated communism in this country, even though it is a registered political party, by being able to freely discuss the beliefs of communism. If we would freely discuss the dangers of the religion Islam, which the Pentagon has listed as a religion of war, or the medical dangers and diseases associated with homosexuality or cohabitation, America could be safer. But, to curtail open and free discussion based on what other people choose to find offensive is dangerous and leads to tyranny.

The pilgrims moved to what is now known as America because of freedom of speech and religion. Every tyrant and dictator throughout history has controlled and enslaved their people through constraints and restrictions of freedom of speech and religion.

In America, when laws are passed to stop the church from vocalizing their convictions based on the values and beliefs taught by Jesus in the Bible, then the United States of America is becoming what Rome became before it fell. It is becoming a nation filled with people who are immoral and amoral and allow all gods to be promoted except Jesus Christ. The people become ruled by a controlling government that allows the philosophies and religions of the world to dictate behavior and decisions. Any view that differs with this anti Judeo-Christian set of standards of right and wrong will be attacked, and the Christians will be persecuted because of the spirit of the beast that now lives and rules the people of the nation.

America and the church living in this country will only be free if people can continue to express their convictions openly and they are allowed to convert other people to their way of thinking or to their religion through open and free discussion, not through intimidation or through legal stifling of speech and laws that America fought against over 200 years ago. Please continue to help me speak the truth on radio and television so you and I can remain free!

Blessings, Jonathan Hansen

© 2008 World Ministries International