Warning for 1998 - 2008

(Note: The dates 1998-2008 were a time of mercy and grace to give the warning and sound the alarm for people to repent or all will eventually come to pass.  They are not a time range for everything to be fulfilled.)

During 1998 Pastor Hansen spoke in 40 cities in 30 states about the condition and future of America.  The following was in an advertisement in The Seattle Times on December 26, 1997 regarding the United States of America.
(Note: links to news articles have been added to illustrate how the prophecy is coming to pass)

*   Stock Market Collapse
The Billionaires Are All Quietly Preparing For The Plunge Sept. 03, 2014
Crash Warning! June 24, 2013
Nightmare on Wall Street; Dow takes 635-point tumble after S&P downgrades US credit August 08, 2011
Baby Boomers: Get Out of the Stock Market Now, the Rug is Being Pulled Out By Insiders October 28, 2010
Stock market time bomb? May 10, 2010
CAUTION: Stock Market Crash Dead Ahead October 02, 2009
A 50% crash in stock markets may happen soon? Sept. 23, 2009
Dow plunges 680 points December 01, 2008
Dow plunges below 8,000 - 1st since '03 November 19, 2008
Congressman: Stock Market Will Eventually Collapse August 29, 2007
Stock market crisis deepens August 06, 2007
Dow suffers worst week since 1933 September 22, 2001

*   Nuclear Attack
U.S. Fears ISIL Smuggling Nuclear and Radioactive Materials September 05, 2014
Russia Warns America 'We Will Respond With Nukes' December 11, 2013
Letters say atom bombs hidden around U.S. March 30, 2011
FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack February 14, 2011
San Diego Port Director Admits Nuclear WMD Found Entering United States February 13, 2011
Bill Clinton: Iran Poses 'Suitcase Nuke' Threat June 27, 2010
China stocks nukes as anti-U.S. tactic July 29, 2005
Top Chinese general warns US over attack July 14, 2005
Raining death on U.S. cities? June 30, 2003
Nuclear attack: Now anything seems possible November 09, 2001

*   Civil Unrest
Ferguson burning after grand jury announcement November 25, 2014
Militarized cops on display in Ferguson riots August 13, 2014
17 arrested as Seattle May Day protests turn violent May 02, 2013
Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America February 11, 2013
Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America July 06, 2012
Racial violence explodes in more states July 05, 2012
Bungling anarchist attacks Nike store during Occupy protest on May Day May 03, 2012
Police: Hundreds of 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters arrested October 02, 2011
Time Magazine: Prospect Of Civil War In U.S. "Doesn't Seem That Far Fetched" October 20, 2010
Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War November 28, 2009
Police prepare for civil unrest as IMF warns of economic riots December 18, 2008
Military positioned to launch action - here June 05, 2007
The emerging 'uncivil' society April 01, 2006
US race protests turn violent April 11, 2001
Unrest Even At The Top During Riots December 16, 1999

*   Social Security Collapse
Social Security chief: Program hurt by neglect February 14, 2013
Social Security deficits now 'permanent' May 13, 2011
Social Security and Medicare to run short sooner than expected May 13, 2011
The Fraud At The Heart Of Social Security January 17, 2011
Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In This Year March 24, 2010
Social Security's Deficits Reinforce the Need to Reform Spending December 10, 2009
Social Security's Coming Crash: The Certain End of Entitlement October 20, 2009
Will Social Security Go Bankrupt in 2010? April 14, 2009
Social Security billions could go to Mexicans January 02, 2007
America for sale: As our government careens toward bankruptcy September 04, 2006
*   Natural disasters - tornadoes; tidal waves; the sea dying; 20 lb. hail stones; water poisoning; food shortages; red tides
Landslide kills three, injures others in Washington state March 23, 2014
Whole neighborhoods razed by Oklahoma tornado that killed 24 May 21, 2013
America Hit with Worst Drought in Years April 15, 2012
Rain is over but not problems in water-logged Northeast April 01, 2010
Drought parches much of the U.S., may get worse February 24, 2009
Deadly tornado strikes Oklahoma February 11, 2009
Bush Declared 422 Major Disasters August 10, 2008
Katrina rated largest U.S. ecodisaster November 19, 2007
Hurricane hits just before homosexual event August 31, 2005
Record Number of Tornadoes Reported in '04 January 04, 2005
*   Powerful Northwest Earthquake
Scientists warn Oregon legislators of cataclysm when earthquake, tsunami strike March 14, 2013
'The clock is ticking': 'Megathrust' West coast earthquake could resemble Japan's August 03, 2012
Seismic fault beneath us is 'fully loaded' after 311 years January 26, 2011
Odds 1-in-3 for Northwest Mega-Quake Within 50 Years May 24, 2010
Pacific Northwest at risk for mega earthquake March 02, 2010
Seattle at risk of giant earthquake April 10, 2009
Emergency management officials prepare for catastrophic earthquake March 04, 2008
Virtual Mega-quake Shows Earthquake Could Inflict Major Damage On Pacific Northwest US February 29, 2008
Pacific Northwest Tectonic Plates Are Moving April 17, 2006
Mondo Quake in Pacific Northwest? November 24, 2003
6.8 earthquake jolts Pacific Northwest February 28, 2001

On television Reverend Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America and why. He read the Seattle Times advertisement then added the following items:

*    The 520 bridge will collapse (This is a 1-mile long floating bridge across Lake Washington from Seattle to Bellevue and Redmond where Microsoft and Nintendo America are located) 
Who'll be to blame if viaduct, 520 bridge collapse? September 19, 2005
Earthquake could destroy 520 bridge, too, study says July 03, 2002
Broken-Down 520 Bridge On Last Legs? March 04, 1999
Wind, Waves Cripple 520 Bridge March 03, 1999
*    Mt. Rainier will erupt
Rainier, third most dangerous U.S. volcano February 28, 2007
Mount Rainier: The sleeping giant May 17, 2005
The Hazards of Mount Rainier November 26, 2002
America's Most Dangerous VOLCANO November 27, 2000
Pierce County wants to be ready for Rainier eruption May 12, 2000

On several radio stations Rev. Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America:

*   Nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism in different cities throughout America as well as several attacks. New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida.
In remote areas there will be biological, chemical and nuclear experimentation.
In the Pacific Northwest and Casper, Wyoming there will be a nuclear incident.
There will also be chemical, biological, nuclear terrorism, and/or attack on the U.S. throughout the United States.

*   In the Northwest, volcanic activity will occur.

*    Earthquakes across America
Bay area's biggest earthquake in 25 years shakes San Francisco August 24, 2014
Quake, shocks rattle Alaskan island area August 31, 2013
Eastern Ohio rattled by 4.0-magnitude earthquake December 31, 2011
Quake shakes East Coast, causes evacuations August 23, 2011
Colorado earthquake is largest in four decades August 23, 2011
4.3 quake shakes tiny, tremor-plagued Arkansas town February 18, 2011
6 Minor Earthquakes Hit Central Oklahoma, 12 in a Week September 05, 2010
3.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Maryland July 16, 2010
Earthquake rocks southcentral Alaska April 07, 2010
Earthquake rattles northern Illinois February 10, 2010
6.5 earthquake strikes off California coast January 09, 2010
4.7-Magnitude Quake Rocks Los Angeles May 18, 2009
5.2 quake in Ill., shakes large part of Midwest April 18, 2008
Mysterious Swarm of Earthquakes Detected Off Oregon Coast May 08, 2008
6.0 quake rattles northeastern Nevada February 21, 2008
Mount Rainier hit by biggest quake in 30 years November 09, 2004
To avoid the above, there must be a mighty, genuine revival (repentance) as in Nineveh (Jonah 3:5-10). Or, a powerful spirit of prayer must arise that will result in the mercy and grace of God as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:23-33).

(Note: The dates 1998-2008 were a time of mercy and grace to give the warning and sound the alarm for people to repent or all will eventually come to pass.  They are not a time range for everything to be fulfilled.)

There is hope! If we meet the conditions of God (II Chronicles 7:14), he will hear our call, forgive us and heal the land! If we do not meet the conditions, judgment will fall and all of the prophecies will come to pass.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we the Church and people in America need to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in reality and practicality to avoid these events warned by the Lord from coming to pass. It is our sins that allow our enemies to hurt us.

God bless America, and may America look to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

© 1997 World Ministries International