On 5/18/2004 at 1:30pm, Rev. Hansen received this prophecy for Zimbabwe:

"Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, you man of war. You have shed the blood of the innocent since your conception; now I will shed your blood. You have lied to the world since your beginning of freedom and liberty, yet you oppress the poor and innocent. You want an eye for an eye, yet you cannot see nor discern justice; you want what really is not yours. It matters not what Government has ruled past or present; the truth is lies have continually been spoken to disguise the truth of your treachery. You are a barbaric nation filled with rebellion, voodoo and witchcraft. Yes, blood has been shed and blood has been baptized in, yet you will swim and drown in your own sorrow and blood that you have created and wished upon the poor, deprived and innocent. Your power will be overthrown and a genesis of salvation will temporarily come.

Look to Me quickly, for your true hope lies only in Me. For when peace seems secure and new found liberty, freedom and prosperity seem at hand, then I will shake your nation with the others around you and desperation will come like none has witnessed before, and you will know that I have spoken and warned you, for my love calls out to you to prepare!

For, I will return with a fury of vengeance on all that use my name irreverently; for personal gain and self-exploitation; as the nations prepare to fight me at Armageddon, thus saith your Lord and your God, Jesus Christ."

People of Zimbabwe, be encouraged. Jesus is warning you that he is going to fight for you and all the innocent throughout the nations. Only put your trust in him alone and not the Mark of the Beast that is soon to appear.

History of Zimbabwe:

Past Zimbabwe: The earliest settlers, the Khoisan, date back to 200 B.C. After a period of Bantu domination, the Shona people ruled, followed by the Nguni and Zulu peoples. By the mid-19th century the descendants of the Nguni and Zulu, the Ndebele, had established a powerful warrior kingdom.

The first British explorers, colonists, and missionaries arrived in the 1850s, and the influx of foreigners led to the establishment of the territory Rhodesia, named after Cecil Rhodes of the British South Africa Company. In 1923, European settlers voted to become the self-governing British colony of Southern Rhodesia. After a brief federation with Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Nyasaland (Malawi) following World War II, Southern Rhodesia chose to remain a colony when its two partners voted for independence in 1963.

A constitution was formulated in 1961 that favored whites in power. In 1965, the government declared its independence, but the United Kingdom did not recognize the act and demanded voting rights for the black African majority. On March 1, 1970, Rhodesia formally proclaimed itself a republic.

On March 3, 1978, Prime Minister Ian Smith, Bishop Abel Muzorewa of the African National Congress, Ndabaningi Sithole, and Chief Jeremiah Chirau signed an agreement to transfer power to the black majority by December 31, 1978. They formed an executive council with chairmanship rotating, but with Smith retaining the title of prime minister. Blacks were named to each cabinet ministry, serving as co-ministers with whites.

The white minority consented to hold multi-racial elections in 1980, and Robert Mugabe won a landslide victory. The country achieved independence on April 17, 1980, under the name Zimbabwe. Mugabe established a one-party socialist state. By 1990, he instituted multi-party elections and in 1991, deleted all references to Marxism-Leninism and scientific socialism from the constitution. In 1996, Mugabe won another term as president.

In 2000, veterans of Zimbabwe's war for independence began squatting on land owned by white farmers in an effort to reclaim land taken under British colonization. One-third of Zimbabwe's farmable land was owned by 4,000 whites. In August 2002, Mugabe ordered all white commercial farmers to leave their land without compensation. Mugabe's land redistribution campaign caused an exodus of white farmers, crippled the economy, and ushered in widespread shortages of basic commodities.

In March 2002, Mugabe was re-elected president in a blatantly rigged election whose results were enforced by the president's militia. In 2003, inflation hit 300%, the country faced severe food shortages, and the farming system had been destroyed.

Present Zimbabwe: Parliamentary elections in March 2005 were judged by international monitors to be flawed. In mid-2005, Zimbabwe demolished urban slums and shantytowns, leaving 700,000 people homeless in an operation called "Drive Out Trash." In 2006, the government launched "Operation Roundup," which drove 10,000 homeless people out of the capital, Harare.

In June 2007, Mugabe instituted price controls on all basic commodities causing panic buying and leaving store shelves empty for months. By the end of 2008, inflation skyrocketed to 231,000,000%, unemployment reached 80%, and the Zimbabwean dollar was basically worthless.

Zimbabweans expressed anger at the polls in March 2008 elections. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) won a majority of the seats in Parliament, a defeat for Mugabe's party, ZANU-PF. Four days after the vote, Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Movement for Democratic Change, declared himself the winner. Mugabe refused to concede until the vote count was complete. Zimbabwe's High Court dismissed the opposition's request for the release of election results. In April, police raided the offices of the opposition and election monitors. After the election, supporters of Mugabe began a campaign of violence that left more than 30 people dead and hundreds wounded. Tsvangirai fled the country, fearing assassination attempts. He returned to Zimbabwe in late May.

On May 2, election officials released the results of the vote, with Tsvangirai defeating President Robert Mugabe. A runoff election was necessary because neither candidate won more than 50% of the vote. Leading up to the runoff election, police intensified their crackdown on Tsvangirai and members of his party. At least 85 supporters of the MDC were killed in government-backed violence. Officials banned rallies and repeatedly detained Tsvangirai for attempting to do so. Tsvangirai's top deputy, Tendai Biti was arrested on charges of treason. Biti denied he committed treason and several members of Parliament alleged the charges were trumped up.

In June 2008, Mugabe barred humanitarian groups from providing aid, a move that aid organizations estimated would deny about two million people much needed assistance. The ban was lifted in September, and aid groups were correct in their prediction that the suffering would intensify under the ban.

The presidential election took place in late June and Mugabe was elected to a sixth term, taking 85% of the vote. President George W. Bush joined Nelson Mandela and other world leaders who condemned the election and the government-sponsored crackdown on the opposition. China and Russia blocked the U.S. led effort in the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. Bush responded in July by expanding existing U.S. sanctions against Mugabe, companies in Zimbabwe, and individuals.

In August 2008, Lovemore Moyo, national chairman of the opposition party was elected to the post of speaker of Parliament, prevailing over the candidate of President Mugabe's party. It is the first time a member of the opposition held the post since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980.

In September, President Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed to a power-sharing deal that called on the leaders to share executive authority. Tsvangirai would serve as prime minister. Mugabe would continue as president. Both sides balked at suggestions by negotiators that Mugabe and Tsvangirai share control over the Ministry of Home Affairs, which controls the police force, stalling implementation of the agreement. Talks dragged on for the remainder of 2008, but the two sides failed to reach consensus.

With Zimbabwe residents facing hunger, empty store shelves, a non-existent health system, rampant unemployment, inflation at 231 million percent, and political instability, a cholera epidemic broke out in August 2008. At least 565 people died from the disease, and another 12,000 were infected.

Tsvangirai agreed in January 2009 to enter into a power-sharing government with Mugabe, and he was sworn in as prime minister in February. Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change will control 13 of the 31 ministries in the new government, while Mugabe's ZANU-PF was allocated 15. The parties would share responsibility for the contested Ministry of Home Affairs.

In March 2011, Zimbabwe's Supreme Court ruled that the election of Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo, as head of the House of Assembly was null and void. Moyo's election to the top legislature post was challenged by Jonathan Moyo, who argued that the ballot process was marred by irregularities. Lovemore Moyo was re-elected on March 29, 2011 as Speaker of Parliament defeating Khaya Moyo.

Zanu-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) produced a draft constitution in January 2013. Voters approved the document in a referendum in March 2013. The constitution imposed term limits on future presidents, eliminated the president's veto power, and devolved power to the provinces. President Mugabe signed the new constitution into law in May 2013.

Mugabe took 61% of the vote in presidential elections on July 31, 2013. Mugabe's Zanu-PF party also won 158 out of 210 seats in parliament. The opposition alleged the election was rigged.

In April 2014, Morgan Tsvangirai was suspended from the MDC. In June, the high court blocked the suspension until the legitimate leader is determined.

© 2004 World Ministries International

The following are some Scriptures that deal with end-time events.  All prophecies concerning the nations are leading up to fulfillment of end-time judgments (events).

Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39
Zechariah 13: 8-9
Zechariah 14: 1-16
Daniel chapters 2, 4, 7-12
Matthew 24: 1-51
Mark 13: 1-37
Luke 21: 6-38
The book of Revelation
The book of Joel

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In a fresh wave of invasions, farmers keep their guns close at hand as ZANU-PF thugs lay siege
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As night falls, they slowly emerge from the shadows: dozens of children clothed in rags, with desperate eyes sunk deep into haunted faces, suddenly crowd the streets of Musina, a ramshackle South African town on the border with Zimbabwe
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No sanitation or clean water, piles of garbage help spread disease
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Disease-carrying refugees should be a concern to neighbours
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Morgan Tsvangirai is set to be sworn in as Zimbabwe's prime minister but doubts have been raised about the chances of a functioning power-sharing government after the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change appointed a series of ministers loathed by Zanu-PF
LONDON Telegraph February 10, 2009
Zimbabwe rival to enter coalition
Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said his party will join a unity government with President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF
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231 million per cent inflation: Zimbabwe dumps currency
Grim estimates show that Zimbabwe's humanitarian situation is worse than anticipated with just 6 per cent of the population employed
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Zimbabwe is introducing a Z$100 trillion note, currently worth about US$30
BBC News January 16, 2009
Zimbabwe activist: 'I feared for my life
Jestina Mukoko is jailed with 31 others, mainly from the opposition party
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Jestina Mukoko has been held by police since being kidnapped
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Zimbabwe cholera deaths pass 1,500
Cholera epidemic has spread across Zimbabwe, threatens neighboring countries
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Zimbabwe faces cholera epidemic, economic crisis
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Zimbabwe information minister says UK responsible for cholera outbreak
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Zimbabwe declares cholera national emergency
Government minister says its hospitals "are literally not functioning"
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UK PM: Zimbabwe cholera cases are 'international emergency'
Cholera has killed 600-plus people in nation hit by hyperinflation, political unrest
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Capital lacks clean water, cholera kills hundreds in Zimbabwe
Hospital official says "we cannot cope," are resorting to piling bodies in morgue
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Movement for Democratic Change refuses to join Zimbabwe unity government
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Zimbabwe power-sharing talks fail
Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said he has failed to agree on a new cabinet at power-sharing talks with President Robert Mugabe
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Even with the credit crunch striking all corners of the globe, few countries are in as dire financial trouble as Zimbabwe
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President Mugabe cedes some power; Tsvangirai to become prime minister
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Jubilant opposition legislators in Zimbabwe's Parliament broke into song and dance after their candidate won the powerful position of speaker of Parliament, defeating a nominee backed by President Robert Mugabe's party, ZANU-PF
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U.N. says scores killed, thousands beaten in "campaign of violence"
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Zimbabwe opposition leader calls for peacekeepers, new election
Citing ongoing violence, Morgan Tsvangirai has withdrawn from runoff
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Opposition candidate tells Zimbabweans voting "could cost them their lives"
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Government order suspending aid work cuts off food to millions
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President Robert Mugabe says war veterans will fight to prevent change
CNN  June 13, 2008
Opposition now classed as treason in Zimbabwe as leader faces death penalty
Tendai Biti, secretary-general of the Movement for Democratic Change, was arrested at Harare airport and could face the death penalty
LONDON Daily Mail June 13, 2008
Robert Mugabe's militia burn opponent's wife alive
Robert Mugabe's bloody regime has sunk to a grotesque new low in anticipation of the run-off elections
LONDON Times June 12, 2008
Zimbabwe faces worst harvest on record as Robert Mugabe stops charity food handouts
Hours after Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe told foreign charities to stop distributing food, the United States warned that Zimbabwe faced its worst ever harvest
LONDON Telegraph June 07, 2008
Officials: Diplomats safe after detention in Zimbabwe
U.S. envoy says he believes orders to intimidate came "directly from the top"
CNN  June 05, 2008
UK and U.S. diplomats detained in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean police detained U.S. and British diplomats for several hours, slashing the tyres of their cars after they visited victims of political violence ahead of a presidential vote, the U.S. embassy said
Christian Today June 05, 2008
Official: Mugabe will retain power if no run-off vote
Opposition MDC says ZANU-PF figures are rigged, no 2nd round vote needed
CNN  May 01, 2008
Mugabe trying to steal election, says U.S. official
Opposition won presidential elections, claims U.S. envoy for Africa
CNN  April 24, 2008
Zimbabwe violence round-up
Zimbabwe's opposition says the government is "waging war" on its supporters in rural areas, while the churches warn of a possible genocide if violence continues ahead of a possible run-off election
BBC News April 23, 2008
Churches fear Zimbabwe 'genocide'
Church leaders in Zimbabwe have called for international action to prevent post-election violence developing into genocidal proportions
BBC News April 22, 2008
Zimbabwe opposition: Tsvangirai has won presidency
The Zimbabwean opposition directly challenged Robert Mugabe as it announced that its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, had secured enough votes to win the presidential election outright
LONDON Guardian April 02, 2008
Many children dying in Zimbabwe reports British evangelical aid agency
Zimbabwe is in an increasingly desperate situation, with little food due to drought and poor harvests
ASSIST News Service September 21, 2007
Zimbabwe: Archbishop of York Calls for Full Sanctions Against Mugabe Regime
The Ugandan-born Anglican Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has called on the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to revisit the country's policy on Zimbabwe and lead a campaign of foreign intervention
ASSIST News Service September 18, 2007
Not only did many fail to understand the nature of their Communist enemy, but even more seriously many failed to understand the Gospel of Christ, the Biblical Worldview, and what it meant to be defending Christian Civilisation
Frontline Fellowship August 13, 2007
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Zimbabwe's most prominent organisation fighting child sexual abuse is confronting traditional healers to take action over the myth that having sex with a virgin can cure Aids - one reason behind the rape of young girls
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Zimbabwe's opposition split after Mugabe wins flawed election
Tsvangirai calls for shift to mass resistance
LONDON Guardian 11/28/2005
Zimbabwe continues settlement demolitions
Zimbabwean authorities demolished huts and evicted people, defying U.N. demands to halt the much condemned urban renewal program
USA Today 7/26/2005
Zimbabwe Police Tear Down Dozens of Homes
Armed paramilitary police swept through a Harare township, pulling down more 100 prefabricated wooden cabins, including one with screaming children inside
Washington Post 7/05/2005
A tsunami of blood ... who cares?
This time, it's animals, beginning with big game
WorldNetDaily 5/02/2005
Zimbabwe's poll numbers don't add up
Zimbabwe's opposition claims to have found proof of "massive electoral fraud" carried out by the regime of President Robert Mugabe
The Sydney Morning Herald 4/08/2005
Mugabe admits seized land lies underused
President Robert Mugabe confessed that millions of acres of prime land seized from the country's white farmers are empty and idle
The Washington Times 3/03/2005
The yoke on Zimbabwe
The ruinous role of Zimbabwe thug-in-chief Robert Mugabe is causing much misery in his country
The Washington Times 12/11/2004
Zimbabwe seizing all farms
The government announced that all farmland will be nationalized and private land ownership abolished
The Seattle Times 6/09/2004
ZIMBABWE: New sanctions imposed by US The United States
The United States tightened the screws on Zimbabwe by imposing sanctions on additional businesses owned by the ruling officials
IRIN News 3/03/2004
Rape gangs target whites
Racial violence surges in Zimbabwe
WorldNetDaily 2/09/2004
UN exposes continuing plunder of Congo
Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Uganda are still plundering the Democratic Republic of the Congo despite withdrawing their armies
LONDON Independent 10/22/2002
For Zimbabwe's White Farmers, Time to Move On
The government of President Robert Mugabe has ordered thousands of the country's most productive farmers to stop farming
The New York Times 8/04/2002